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I have had my DN1000s for a while now but am looking for something similar in sound but more comfortable. The large diameter bullet design of the 1000s just get too uncomfortable for me in extended use now, while using comply tips. If I switch to the extended tips I would lose out on isolation. Any recommendations on a similar hybrid with better comfort and similar sounds?
Thanks! I was looking into other tips but had no idea where to start, what I need are tips that give good insertion but also provide a good separation between the earbud and my ear so it doesn't forcefully go into my ear opening and cause discomfort. I tried both over the ear and under, under feels a little better but the pain and discomfort is still there.
Hey H20fidelity, I am having comfort trouble with the 1Ks, I feel like the earbud is so large that any eartip I try that comes with it makes my ear hurt after 1 hr or so. What is your suggestion? I like the soft tips that come with it though, I usually like deep insertion tips.
Which tips are you guys using, tried all the tips and I still feel very discomforting using these earbuds. They are large and I have a small ear opening so it hurts when I have them on due to stretching of my ear opening. 
I would definitely recommend the Equator D5s, probably one of the best 5'' monitors. Next to that would probably be the Mackie MR5 MK2s, probably can get them around $200 on eBay.
Just an advisory, be careful changing out tips, you can bend the rings while pulling out the tips. 
Ok great that's how I am wearing them now without the moulding. 
Are you looking for 5'' or 8'' woofers?  Also, you should probably head over to gearslutz as they are more geared towards your inquiry 
Will there be any wear and tear from doing this since they do not have the bendable material near the earbud like some other IEMs? 
Am I putting the earbuds on the over-the-ear attachment correctly? They feel a bit too snug and tight on my ears.
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