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Dammit! Someone scooped up a pair that was posted on yahoo auctions Japan today,.... Y34,000, about 450 bucks. Here's hoping more start coming on the market
i've had IE8,SM3, em3-pro and twag cables all go out,... but that's more down to how i use them and not a manufacturing fault.    of the cables that went out, none were due to a sudden shock or snagging on anything, but rather as a result of wear and tear,... i use them alot, a few hours during the day, a few in the afternoon, and i normally watch videos with them at night for a good couple of hours as well. out in all kinds of weather too.   also i just shove...
cheers man,   i'm an earsonics fan so i understand about giving something enough time, haha!   i was looking for something that is the complete opposite to my em3pro's and these seem to fit the bill quite nicely,... it'll be interesting learning to work with them on tracks that i think i know so well. 
thanks for helping make up my mind guys!
quick question for all you ety folks,...   with a good seal,...   listening at your normal listening volume,...   can you hear or feel a 40Hz sine wave?
wow cheers for that Joe!   you didnt have to write that much so i really appreciate it.   I'm quite happy with my EM3's to be honest and i'm more interested in the 111's. but i have started seeing a couple of 334's start to pop up on the local auction site round here so was getting curious. hoping to head back up to tokyo to try them all for myself one day.   cheers again man!
Cheers man, no worries, I'll hunt down your posts,.... Looking forward to a review if you decide to do one.
ooh, you've listened to the fitears?   did you post impressions anywhere yet?   and one last pestering questions,... you havent heard the 111's yet have you?
bump!    cos this thread saved me some cash!   I use my customs everyday and dont really look after them, so cables dont seem to last long with me.    the VGA pin tip worked great on my Earsonics EM3-pros and I'm actually liking the pins more than the originals,.... they're longer meaning they're easier to work with and you can solder more of the cable onto the pin for a stronger bond.    best of all, vga cables are everywhere, and most pc repair / dollar...
Hi everyone, Last week the right side of my twag got severed at the connector, and moron that I am I managed to lose the connector. Shortly after that the left side stopped working,... But I managed to extract the pins and resoldered them to the cable. So my question,... Are UE pins the same as the pins that the twag uses? Because I can find some pretty cheap UE cables and was thinking of salvaging pins from them. Cheers!
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