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 Of course has not been released yet. 
 Damn, that is harsh. 
 Yes, everything you've bought as a download has been lossy, so converting it to ALAC would only make it bigger, not better. And yes, an iPhone or other iPod will play ALAC, without the need for any 3rd party app.....assuming you have enough space for them onboard. If you have the extra hard drive space, you could convert some of your favorite FLACs to ALAC (keeping the original FLACs separate and making a new folder for the ALAC conversions) ahead of time just for use on...
 "Apple lossless" is not the AAC 256kbps stuff they sell as digital downloads in the iTunes Store. You only get it (ALAC- Apple Lossless Audio Codec) if you rip a CD and encode it that way....ALAC is equal to FLAC, quality wise. 
 Exactly!  If iTunes, or Amazon,  starts selling hi-res, I wouldn't spend a penny more to get it over their normal quality. 
 I took great pride in my mix tapes and later CDs....I was the only one I knew that put in the effort to roughly level match the volume of them track to track (no ReplayGain back then). Everybody at work would be running back and forth to adjust the volume at each song's start, but not me.
  Any plans to add one of these to the collection? 
 I did not know that.....thanks for the info!
 I don't see why not, as long as they have a device compatible with the format. I've played them on quite a variety of players, certainly not just Apple ones. 
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