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 It would take a lot more than a 370Z for me to consider that....
 No no, I'm sure the "coiffed Canadian" was a reference to Justin Bieber, not you. 
  That is a priceless way to refer to that who should not be named. 
 Indeed, even 64GB is enough for me, as long as I am not storing video.
No, they'd rather overcharge for a storage bump like Apple does.
 Yes, let's fat-shame the fictional monster!  
Now let's see if this player recycles any parts from their players of 4 or 5 years ago, like they have done so often in the past......
 1) Never thought of that.....certainly seems like a valid possibility.  2) and 3)  
A strange thing happened yesterday. First, I was very excited to see what appeared to be a bright yellow Lotus Exige in traffic while I was on my way to work.....rarely do i see anything like that around here. Then, as I was walking into work, I realized the oddity of the situation was even the Exige had been pulling out of the parking lot of a Golden Corral! 
 Those are some large mammals! 
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