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Posts by Achmedisdead all your other guys will want to bring you along when they car shop too! 
Post us some audio porn!  
 That is not a proper way to test anything, IMO. Cranking up the BBE and Mach3Bass that high totally ruins colors the sound. A little bit of Mach3Bass is all well and good, in non-testing conditions, but BBE is awful and unnatural, especially cranked up to +8.   Nice review SkyBleu!  
  White wouldn't be my color choice, but this sure looks like fun. 
Perhaps Tobey Maguire could fit in the C1000?   And yes, regale us with impressions, and even audio/video footage of the Daytona, if you end up bringing it home. 
 I have one too. Still sounds great, too bad it is only 8GB though. Have to be picky about what I load on it.  I have a 4th gen 32GB and a 5th gen 32GB if I need more space, plus they still have usable apps...the 2G is just a music player these days. 
 +1  +1
 From what I am seeing, it's not so much the device itself that's being's the premise that the files from the Pono ecosystem would be markedly better quality than what is already available elsewhere. 
 Of course has not been released yet. 
 Damn, that is harsh. 
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