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  It means that I work for the company that makes that software that powers Head-Fi...we just use that badge so that if we ever need to test things, etc.    Anyway, the store is definitely worth checking out. 
From my meandering, I find that the Head-Fi favorites can be tricky to track down offline. I spent a chunk of time this morning in a very cool shop called dijitalfix at Valencia and 19th in San Francisco. They carry Grado, Audiotechnica, and plenty of other cool stuff that intersects art and sound. I have no affiliation with the store of any kind, but I can say it's definitely worth swinging by. Pics below:
Check it out - great work Jude!
Greatest homepage carousel picture ever. Lovin it!
I'm crazily addicted to the new Cold War Kids album Mine is Yours. I really enjoyed Robbers and Cowards and this is equally excellent in a very different way. Much more upbeat and positive. Addictive.
I was looking at some Forrester data around the influence of online research in offline purchasing and it had some pretty staggering numbers that got me thinking about head-fi.   The doc claims that online research influences $8.1 Billion of PC purchases, $6.9B in peripherals, $60.2B in overall Consumer Electronics, $6.1B in video games, etc. How big is the headphone/audiophile market? Anyone have any good data or estimates? Then I think we can safely assume that...
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