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anyone familiar with portable radio with dual source power (AC and Battery).   went on amazon and saw some radios from ambient weather. never heard of them. does anyone know if they're any good. all the other emergency features make them look interesting.   nothing fancy. just something durable and gets good reception.   any recommendations? i've also read somewhere that the Sony ICF-SW7600GR is pretty good but the price is quite steep for me.   thanks  
does the phrase "rank and file" carry a negative connotation when it's used like such: "i don't speak with the rank and file."? i think it does. what do you guys think?
Still available. Need a good home for these. Rarely used. These are in like new condition.
Price dropped. This is a mint Hornet M, barely used since I got it. Come with everything from RSA including the pouch, charger, and 2 batteries.
these are the 250ohm version. updated fp to reflect.
i agree that the DT880 is very neutral but i don't know about being not as detailed as DT990.
it does look a bit different but the cup looks very nice tho. look forward to your impressions on these.  
I'm selling my Hornet M. Rarely used. In very good, like new, condition. Comes with everything that was included from RSA.   Looking for 280 shipped or OBO. Paypal, no cc.
I'm selling the DT 880 250ohm. Rarely used. In very good condition.    Asking 210 obo shipped. Paypal, no cc.
I have a question in regards to settlement/closing cost to a title company. What is the average? I recently acquired a property in Antioch. It's an all-cash transaction for around $190,000. The title company is charging me a closing fee of $1560 and with everything else included, comes out to around $3700. That seems quite high to me. Anyone familiar with these kind of costs?
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