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Came here to make a confession: I'm deeply in love with these IEMs. I own several high-end IEMs, including 2 custom IEMs, and I have to say that I prefer the Z5 over all of them. I must admit though that I apply a little EQ to them (mainly to tame their -IMO- wild mid bass hump); their signature might not be the most neutral one, but when it comes to presentation, imaging, positioning and detail retrieving, the Z5 is unmatched (not even my custom Mentor can get close to...
Try to reach Rachel at service@uniquemelody.org
Sorry, didn't have time to update this before, but I got the IEMs on Tuesday.  
 Sure, I'll keep you updated.  I really don't think I'll ever buy something from them again, even though the problem was -apparently- solved. The way Unique Melody, as a company, handled the situation left a lot to be desired.
UPDATE: got a mail from UM saying that my CIEMs would be shipped today. Some minutes ago I received a tracking number. They shipped it via FedEx.
Nothing so far...
Hey Chodi. I got that information from DeLuX's post, right below my OP. Look here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/780341/problems-with-unique-melody#post_11901560
I don't know if I would get my money back. I mean, at first I bought the universal Mentor. Then, I sent it back for reshelling as custom, so if I made a claim I'd only get back the money from the reshelling (I guess?). To make it even worse, I also sent to them my custom Merlin for repair (the cable socket broke down), so now they have my two custom IEMs (for a value of around USD 2500) in their hands and there's -apparently- nothing I can do about it.   I agree with...
OK, so I contacted them and, basically, they won't send me the customs I have already paid for because their agent (I made the purchase via their Australian agent) hasn't settled the payment to them (with "them" I mean UM lab). This has been the conversation between us so far:    [[SPOILER]]  I really understand her point, but I still think UM, as a company, should respond for my products. It's not my fault that their agents are nowhere to be found. I don't know guys, I'm...
I'll send them a mail to the address you pointed out. Thanks!
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