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Hard to decide... the Mentors are the most technically proficient (detail, positioning, etc.), but I prefer the sound signature of the Senns and the AKG the most. The Merlins (custom) are perfect for flights, as they isolate the best out of the bunch, and finally the Sonies are by far the funniest of them all. So, which one I pick every day depends either on my mood or on what I'm planning to do :P
My portable rig:  
It's definitely not delivered in the same time than FedEx... It's been 6 days since the IEMs were posted, and I still can't even find them in my local post office tracking system. Their website says explicitly "3 days expedited wordwide shipping" (yeah, the shipping cost is included in the price).   I really didn't expect this from Unique Melody, specially after all the nice comments I've read about the company. Actually, one of the main reasons why I chose UM for my...
I see... anyway, they should ask the customer before choosing the shipping method, shouldn't they?
I don't know... this a textual quote from their site: "All IEM's purchased from Unique Melody Global are shipped express by Fedex's 3 day worldwide expedited service."
Hey there!   Like 2 months ago I bought the UM Merlin from their website, and everything went fine until yesterday: they sent me an email telling me that the IEMs were ready for shipping, and after that they sent me the tracking number. As some of you might know, Unique Melody site says that they only use FedEx for shipping their products, but when I looked at the tracking number, I noticed something strange: it started with 2 letters, and ended with "CN". I said to...
I'd be interested in the EX1000 too, just for your to know
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