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I haven't heard the popping and cracking yet today, but it has came and gone before, so I am keeping an eye on it!
I know the amp is going to the rear connection. I thought it was a connector issue untill it happened in both the front and back port
I dont know if I have solved the popping and cracking, but I did solve the amp issue via a motherboard bios update.
The PSU is a brand new Corsair AX860i
  I figured I would ask this here since *maybe* its computer related. I just built a new computer, using the MSi-Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard. It has the realtek 1150 chip, with emi shielded isolated PCB for the audio chip, They also boast that with their 'Direct audio power' (basically plugging a 5V header to the motherboard) that they can drive 600ohm headphones through the headphone port in the back.     I was listening to the Transistor Soundtrack, when I heard a...
  Alright, so I'm agoraphobic and I do a lot of my communication via skype and or google hangouts with my girlfriend or friends. A lot of times these can be for hours at a time, I dont care much about sound quality, as these headphones will just be used for listening to those type of programs. I have a pair of Sennheiser 558's that when I got them out of the box a few days ago  they were extremely comfy, after a few days though, they have grown very irritating after...
  I know this is an headphone/audio forum, but I got a few PC parts as presents over the holidays that I dont need and would like to part with.   1) CPU: AMD FX-8320(Vishera) $160 $140 Only used it for about an hour to make sure it was not DOA. SOLD 2) CPU: AMD Phenom II 1090t 6core $100 $80 about a year or so old. Sold Locally 3) VGA: MSi R7950 Twin Frozr OC edition $290 $250 Only used for about 10 minutes to make sure it was not DOA. SOLD   I Also have a...
Hrm, well i already have a PS1 so yay! I remember reading about the PS1 as a transport, forgot completly about it. Have been cruising craigslist for some speakers but our lil area doesnt have all too much in the way of speakers / amps.  I will be looking into the Emotivas, however i might go a little over my budget and get the UPA-200 USP-1   and maybe upgrade to the XPA-1 in the long run,   Needless to say.. Good bye wallet.   Thanks again! Joshua
Yes, Chickens, and by chickens.. i do mean USD :D
Well, the budget is around 600-800 atm however i can add more later
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