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Hello everyone, I don't know much about IEM's at all, but i'm looking to get a gift for a girl as part of a secret santa thing. I don't think any over-ears will work. so i'm hoping i can get steered into the right direction. I'd like to keep it at $100 or lower maybe a little more, and there will be no amp, strictly from a phone and or laptop.    the style of music she listens to is R&B Soul Reggae Hiphop Rap Jazz Blues   Any suggestions? Thanks!
Thanks for the reply! I'll be sure to check out the Shures' I think i'm also going to  check out the grado or alessandro lines
I currently have sennheiser hd 598's -- and was wondering if there would be any other headphones, that could give these genre's more justice than what I currently have. For the most part, the only amp I will be using will be my motherboard amp (MSI Gaming-7) and a vintage receiver. I'm not  apposed to picking up another amp, i'd just rather match the amp to the headphones.   As for budget -- I don't want to say a certain amount and keep it in that limit, but I will...
Hello everyone!   I'm on the hunt for some new music, I grew up listening to a lot of reggae and ska and such, I love the bass groove of reggae but these days I don't agree much with the lyrics which has ruined the music for me as I stand up for gay rights.  So I am in the hunt for some new music, that has a reggae vibe, that isn't filled with so much hate.  Also, I've been digging artists such as Birdy lately and was wondering if there is some artist out there, that are...
Hello everyone, looking to get some speakers for a 12' x 14' room, musical preferences are --   Ska -- All forms, from the 70's to the 2000's Reggae -- Old and new Dub --  Acoustical -- Think Jack Johnson Jazz -- Anything with horns really.   Also prefer woman vocals for the most part.   I currently do not have an amp or source, but I really like the vintage look so I am looking into the old 70's silver face with wood paneling. I just don't know which ones are...
Alright, i'm selling these HD681Evo's for 25 bucks, the left side ear(the side with the connection) is starting to go in and out, i'm pretty sure all it needs is to be re-soldered however I dont have the means to do so. If you wanna take a chance on it, feel free to pm me!   It will come with original box, velvet pads, pleather pads, both short and long cords, and its "pouch"
Looking to sell my Sennheiser HD 558's for $90 $85, I have had them less than 6 months, I want to love them, but I have a really small head and they slip from time to time. They are in a no smoking but pet friendly enviroment. No modding has been done but I can take the tape out if you  want.
I haven't heard the popping and cracking yet today, but it has came and gone before, so I am keeping an eye on it!
I know the amp is going to the rear connection. I thought it was a connector issue untill it happened in both the front and back port
I dont know if I have solved the popping and cracking, but I did solve the amp issue via a motherboard bios update.
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