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The HD600 could be a huge step forwards or "backwards" depending on your prefence. It will undoubtedly be superior to your retired Sr-80 in detail, soundstage, and fidelity but is also considerably more "laidback," something that you might not like coming from your Grado that you loved. I'd recommend that you give the Senn a listen before buying.
Quote: Originally Posted by fewtch That's quite a bold statement... how many of the Sony models have you heard? (just wondering... I assume you must have heard quite a few). Fanboys base most opinions on assumption Just $13.
A warning about ecost --they charge about $50 for handing!
I think that the best place for used cans is here, but for new ones, sometimes eBay is decent. is the place for new Beyer, AKG, Senn, and Grado.
My CDP is very flat, so I doubt it. I think that I'm just tired of the overly bright Sonys.
I have the same problem as you, especially when I listen to Oasis or the Pumpkins, etc. with a Sony = major headache after a few songs even at medium volume. The 580/6XX series has more than enough brightness and highs for me - and I'm more of a treble-head - yet I've not experienced any fatigue after hours of listening.
Welcome to the club "In a world without walls, who needs Windows?"
Headphones that are accurate, particularly open-air cans, aren't supposed to have boomy, ear-tingling bass because hi-fi phones are meant to be "high-fidelity." If it's bloated bass that you're after, then consider some of the closed lower-end Senns or Sonys. If you think that you'll miss the details and fidelity that the Grados provide, then maybe get an amp with a good bass boost function. I personally hate anything that's not completely flat in frequency, but...
I think that Jude did an excellent job of comparind a few popular cables here: Right now I'm deciding whether to upgrade my amp or 600 cable and which cable to choose should I do that first. The Equinox seems most appealing because it supposedly offers greater detail and soundstage, two things that I honor the most in SQ, but the Cardas is cheaper and might be more easily obtained. The Zu Mobius cable is not...
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