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Quote: Originally Posted by cyeomans I think if you're thinking about the HD-650s, you could consider the HD-580s too, since they will offer you most of the same quality. I found a decent article at this site: http://cyreport.com/a.asp?id=56 I would recommend using them with an amp since the sound will be much fuller. That's an overly simplistic article that's not very informative at all, but I can't really disagree with its premise,...
With my ER-6i on an unamped Nano, I usually had it at 50-60% at the most. Anything higher was a bit too loud for me, but that's because the ER-6i is highly sensitive.
With my Senns, I can finally listen to some of the harder Oasis, Pumpkins, etc. tracks without getting a rining in my ears and/ or a terrible headache after 30 minutes, and it's not like I turn the volume all the way up either (25-35% on my CDP!).
...and yet another converts to the Dark Side...muuuhahahaha!!! Congrats!
I need minimal leakage (that sounds gross...LOL) because isolation on my end is not a concern. Does the 880 prevent noise from getting out as well as most completely closed phones? My only solution might be to get an open can and have them woodied, but I dislike the idea of modifying headphones that aren't designed for that application.
I know, but semi-closed isn't enough. Too bad because the 880 is the most interesting can to me at the moment, but I need a completely closed model that will isolate well and not disturb my roommate.
Most onboard EQ are trash.
I need a closed can that can match or exceed my HD600 for imaging, resolution, accuracy, and sounstage. Impact and "fun" factor would be nice because that would give me something different from my Senns, but the aforementioned traits are a must. For instance, I don't wanted something that has great highs and lows but lacks a larger soundstage. The HD280 isn't quite enough for me, and I'd rather have a slightly different sound signature like AKG, Sony, Beyer,...
Quote: Originally Posted by DieInAFire So it costs less to buy each separately than both at once? $305 + shipping for Senns; $195 + shipping for Zu Mobius = $500
That's my point. A cheaper amp is not really going to yield noticeable performance out of CDP, so I'm going to have to get something like a Gilmore Lite or at least a Rega Ear to make it worth my cash. I actually don't mind my CDP unamped but really do need an amp for my PowerBook and DAP.
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