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Trying to acquire a D7000 for a friend. Condition should be at least pretty good (7+). Packaging doesn't matter as much. Please include your asking price and scans. I don't use Paypal, so payment would have to be EMT or cash in person only.   I've tried to convince my buddy that the D2000 modified is pretty darn close to a stock D7000 and is actually, IMO, more enjoyable in some aspects.
It appears that the cable needs to be resoldered to the plug and not necessarily the driver(s). It's an easy job, but you'd have to cut the cable jacket (obviously) and reterminate.    It's 10 minutes of work max. 
A couple of potential deals are brewing but nothing definite yet.   I'm now interested in trades for a portable amp or a portable amp/DAC combo like the iBasso D10. Shoot me an offer.   Now ON HOLD pending payment.
No one wants?   Last price drop.
  You've sort of made my point. Since the new models are different enough, they could easily coexist with the old series. Many of us don't care for portability and just want the best at-home listening experience possible. Why not offer us both flavors?
  We can't say whether they're better or worse since we haven't heard them. I think that most people who are complaining are confused (I certainly am) because these new offerings don't appear to be actual replacements for the models that they are replacing.   Whether or not you like coffee over cola is personal choice. I just wish that Denon would have given us the choice. Some of us love the old D-series (look and sound) and would have preferred that they continued...
This is like BMW discontinuing the 3-series and replacing it with the X3.   Pepsi is discontinuing its cola and will be replacing it with coffee.   It makes no sense whatsoever.   Ever heard of complementing existing model lines instead of replacing them with products that are clearly not natural developments?
Bump it.   If I find a higher impedance DT880, then this will be taken off the market...
250 or 600 Ohms version only.   Prefer local in Vancouver but definitely gotta be Canadian and NO Paypal (ScamPal).   Reasonable prices, please...as in what they go for on here, not Craigslist or ebay. Condition doesn't matter, so long as the cans work perfectly. I've yet to encounter headphones anywhere near this price range with such incredible performance and practically no major weaknesses.
$169 CDN. E-Money Money Transfer, cash in person, or check only, no Paypal. Please PM for photos if seriously interested.   Mint condition blue case, with AC adapter. Fantastic sound quality, smooth but also dynamic, pure class-A, no op-amps in here.   Would be interested in trading towards in K701/ K702, D2000, lower impedance DT880, portable amp, or portable amp/ DAC combo like the iBasso D10.
New Posts  All Forums: