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The mid distortion measured here didn't really bother me that much with my music. Maybe if I had lived with the cans for months, I would feel differently, but I quickly gave up on them because I felt that they were significantly inferior to the much cheaper D2000 in too many areas.    I agree that the 1840 has very holographic imaging though, far superior to the mid-range cans, which all sound pretty flat to me.
A lot of LCD2 apologists in this thread. Heaven forbid anyone dare claim that the cans have rolled off treble (fact). The HD650's treble isn't even as recessed. It's the crucial 1-3Khz range that really matters to rockers, not where 20KHz measures.
No matter how you try to rewrite it, the LCD2 has incredibly rolled off treble. Based on the graphs the 3 (never heard it) appears possibly worse in this regard. I prefer the HE5 by a long shot. Wished I could hear the 6 though. To me, There is nothing natural about not hearing or feeling clashes of cymbals, but whatever floats your bubble.
Pure ignorance on his part. Hope he wasn't foolish enough to get a fake.
Agree with you 1,000,000%. I would say that in my experience, a majority of audiophiles prefer big mids with rolled off highs and flat bass (flat with the mids). Anything with slightly boosted bass (just 1-2db) is considered a "bass monster," and anything in the treble region that is flat or even only 2-3db off the mids, is considered too bright and forward. Due to my musical preference, my taste is the opposite. Humans generally perceive highs and mids as louder than...
OP doesn't mention anything about quantity. In the used market, I don't know of another headphone with the 880's bass quality at $150 --though it'd have to be a slightly beaten up 880 to go for $150. 
  I think it's only a couple of people, one of whom trashes fairly legendary cans like the L3000 and CD3000. Apparently, only what he owns right now is any good.   Also, if that is actually is in stock for $600, don't buy 1...get 10.
For your type of music, I recommend a used TF.10.    Unlike most IEMs, they have good bass impact. Some people hate it for its recessed mids (and it's a minor 1.5 to 2db dip), but for rock, these are unmatched in this range. I still prefer it over the newest 500 Shure. 
In stock form, the D7000 is still leagues ahead of the HD650 or other $500 headphones. Once modified, the 7000 is better in some areas and comparable in others to the mega-buck stuff out there --yes, in the league of higher end Stax and discontinued legends like the K1000, Qualia, and the R10.   YMWV depending on musical taste, but even the stock D7000 is technically at least pretty good in most areas that matter to audiophiles. Listeners who prefer emphasized mids...
Really, really heavily used DT880. 
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