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The cups don't feel like high grade plastic. Shure should have used the same material as the headband adjustment, but that would have been more expensive to manufacture than a simple plastic mould. For comparison, the DT880's cups are of much higher quality.
I think that my amp is pretty good, and my source isn't too shabby either. My Gilmore based amp isn't exactly considered weak and dynamically lacking. To me, the 1840 is "lifeless" because frequency response is flat from 50Hz to the upper mids, but slightly elevated at 1KHz and above, yet there is absolutely no impact anywhere. Bass is similar to IEMs like the ER-4P and single-driver Shures, flat and relatively detailed but having no authority whatsover. Even the...
Agreed with much of what has been written about the 1840 here lately. For the low price that I was able to buy a pair, I had to try it for myself because I do prefer nearly flat frequency response. What the charts don't tell you though is impact, and one of the biggest weaknesses of the 1840 (especially compared to the Denon DX000 series) is lack of bass impact. Their headstage is shockingly narrow for an open can, but I do find that there is better layering and greater...
Not sure...if joking or serious. 
Bump for price drop...will likely be sold locally by later tonight, so hurry!
No trades, no Paypal, prefer EMT from Canadian or cash in person.   Condition is as good as new, not a mark/scratch/scuff anywhere. All accessories are included and are like new. The extra earpads and cable are still sealed in box. Ruler flat frequency response and very good detail, imaging, and resolution, these are in many areas technically superior to mid-range cans like the HD650, AKG K702, Beyer DT880, etc. --but I prefer my modified Denon D7000 for reference...
International shipping will be $10 flat by Airmail, domestic $10 by Xpress. I don't use Paypal, so Canadian buyers with EMT, cash in person, or check/money order preferred.    Very flexible portable amp/DAC combo that needs no introduction, in good condition, comes with just the stock op-amp and USB cable, no charger (can be charged via USB cable). 
Not sure if I should post this here, but since Adam didn't post his own thread...please see your PM.    P.S. I agree a modified 2000 sounds better (to my ears) than stock 7000.
Hey, serial range?
  I'd like to know as well because most people cannot hear clearly above 18KHz.    However, the human ear can definitely distinguish dynamic range above the 16-bit threshold. The sonic effects are small, but remember that to true audiophiles, even a 5% difference is enormous. People like Monty probably consider 5% to be nothing --thus their dogmatic conclusions. 
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