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All of them except King of Limbs and Amnesiac, IMO. 
I think The Bends is more accessible if you're into alternative and rock, but OK Computer is a masterpiece.
Maybe downgrading to a Cmoy?
Are you suggesting that a $200 headphone with $1000 cable is inferior to a $1200 headphone?! Surely, you're not! 
The HD800 might not be ideal for rock, but it's definitely more suited than the LCD-2. 
2nd disc of In Rainbows is indeed brilliant. Too bad it's not available on vinyl though. 
D7000 also? Nice. Looking to get a GSX, Dynamite, or B22 for mine too. 
Only interested in the one of these three.   DIY or professional OK.   Pick up in GVA or Washington border only.
If you're not interested in selling the HE-6 outright, would you want a partial trade of complete parts from a Pass Aleph Mini that is incomplete?
Prefer Canadian seller if possible. I don't use scamPal. Only sellers with recent feedback please.    Missed out on that sweet $750 CDN deal earlier this year. 
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