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The cables plug into connectors on the headphones like Hifiman and IEM models aren't hardwired. Changing drivers on the 580/600/650 is very easy.   Unfortunately, I don't have inside shots of the 600 driver, and from the outside, the 650 looks pretty much identical:    
Everything does depend on the amp and source that you're using, but I've never heard the 880 producing the same quantity of bass or slam/impact as the 650. The 880 is closer to cold/neutral, while the a 650 has mid-lower bass bump. The 600 is closer to the 880 but still sounds slightly bassier to me, but that's probably because of the steeper high frequency roll off. I have high res scans of the 650 and 600 drivers and will upload them later for you to inspect and...
IMO, yes because they sound very different, almost polar opposites, but both are difficult to drive and require synergy to sound their best.
The 650 has significant treble roll-off, as measured empircally. Plenty of ears can attest subjectly to this characteristic too.   For those of you who don't consider this "dark," what is "dark" to you?   My guess is that the big emphasis on mids makes the 650 sound just fine and not dark to those whose music is primarily in the mids (vocals). For rock, substantial treble roll-off is dark.
Time to revisit this list 7 years later...   1. Fake Plastic Trees 2. No Surprises 3. Where I End and You Begin 4. Let Down 5. Wolf at the Door
  Yeah, seems ideal for monitoring and mastering. There is plenty of detail and resolution too. It sounds very transparent to me. 
Measurements are only half the equation. I always take them seriously because they're objective and tangible, but they tell only half the story. Having said that, I seem to hear the same frequency response as measured by Headroom, and I try to avoid cans that are too unbalanced because I consider them to be high-risk (probably won't like them if too dark or too bright). But I wouldn't take anything that Headroom says seriously. Their opinions are understandably biased.
It's a FotM thing. Same thing usually happens with other gear. I remember when the K701 was praised as the greatest in the world, a true successor to the K1000. These days, I think that the 701 is a bit underrated.    The 1840 is a good headphone if priced in the same range as the HD650 was.
It's evident to me that Denon shortchanged the Fostex drivers in its DX000 line because they are capable of significantly more. These inexpensive mods (can be done for free) provide such dramatic sonic improvements (to me) that I wonder where the limit is for these drivers. Unlike most minor modifications with other headphones, this tweak is not placebo and for the most part can be measured.   To my ears, the tonal balance with this mod from stock is far more...
First off, thanks to hans for bringing this mod to our attention.    I've been listening extensively to both my 2000 and 7000 without the cups. Some closed cans were never meant to be open (and vice versa), but these Fostex drivers are remarkably versatile. I'm not sure that I could live forever with the D2000 fully open because sibilance, particularly with vocals, might be too much, but on the 7000, tonal balance is almost perfect. Without the cups, sub-40Hz bass...
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