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Really, really heavily used DT880. 
If you have a large head like me, you might find the 650 very snug until the headband breaks in.
basso, since you have the silver version, it should be the 650. Did Sennheiser release a silver 600 version?   Both the newer 650 and the older 600 should still seem bassier (more impactful) than the 880, but even the black 650 is not a "bass monster" like the DX1000 or Denon Dx000.
IMO, an improperly amped 650 sounds like mud and doesn't do it justice. There is a reason why some people here use $2000+ amps for the 650.   I prefer the 300 ohm 880 as the reference. 
The cables plug into connectors on the headphones like Hifiman and IEM models aren't hardwired. Changing drivers on the 580/600/650 is very easy.   Unfortunately, I don't have inside shots of the 600 driver, and from the outside, the 650 looks pretty much identical:    
Everything does depend on the amp and source that you're using, but I've never heard the 880 producing the same quantity of bass or slam/impact as the 650. The 880 is closer to cold/neutral, while the a 650 has mid-lower bass bump. The 600 is closer to the 880 but still sounds slightly bassier to me, but that's probably because of the steeper high frequency roll off. I have high res scans of the 650 and 600 drivers and will upload them later for you to inspect and...
IMO, yes because they sound very different, almost polar opposites, but both are difficult to drive and require synergy to sound their best.
The 650 has significant treble roll-off, as measured empircally. Plenty of ears can attest subjectly to this characteristic too.   For those of you who don't consider this "dark," what is "dark" to you?   My guess is that the big emphasis on mids makes the 650 sound just fine and not dark to those whose music is primarily in the mids (vocals). For rock, substantial treble roll-off is dark.
Time to revisit this list 7 years later...   1. Fake Plastic Trees 2. No Surprises 3. Where I End and You Begin 4. Let Down 5. Wolf at the Door
  Yeah, seems ideal for monitoring and mastering. There is plenty of detail and resolution too. It sounds very transparent to me. 
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