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Off topic but there are plenty of really good ultrabooks out there. Yes, Apple was the first to popularize it, just like the smartphone and the tablet, but I would much rather have a 1080p IPS screen ZenBook, which isn't made of cheap materials either.
Based on sound quality :D
It's pretty obvious what TDK, Yamaha, Denon, and others are doing. Carmakers and other companies in every industry do this all the time. Take a look at what "smartphones" looked like prior to the iPhone, and what many of them look like afterwards. IMO, being able to copyright a basic shape just adds fuel to the fire against patent laws, which have become ridiculous.    For Beats to rip off those logos is a bigger encroachment, IMO. 
The newer model is garbage. 
  It's all about profits. Beats is supposedly selling really well (I haven't seen the figures), so even some of the big boys like Yamaha want in.    Denon did enough with its new design to differentiate itself from Beats yet still manages to capture some of the similarities. Unfortunately, Denon also chose to mimic the Beats sound signature and has ruined what was a great line of fun but still hi-fi cans. 
Monster Beats has no integrity, but like Lizard says, those trademarked symbols are from completely different industries and aren't competitors. Is there a trademark lawyer in the house? Surely, a few of those owners would have sued by now if they could (they should too). 
Top 5 Muse songs?   Knights of Cydonia Uprising Time Is Running Out Invincible The Resistance
The mid distortion measured here didn't really bother me that much with my music. Maybe if I had lived with the cans for months, I would feel differently, but I quickly gave up on them because I felt that they were significantly inferior to the much cheaper D2000 in too many areas.    I agree that the 1840 has very holographic imaging though, far superior to the mid-range cans, which all sound pretty flat to me.
A lot of LCD2 apologists in this thread. Heaven forbid anyone dare claim that the cans have rolled off treble (fact). The HD650's treble isn't even as recessed. It's the crucial 1-3Khz range that really matters to rockers, not where 20KHz measures.
No matter how you try to rewrite it, the LCD2 has incredibly rolled off treble. Based on the graphs the 3 (never heard it) appears possibly worse in this regard. I prefer the HE5 by a long shot. Wished I could hear the 6 though. To me, There is nothing natural about not hearing or feeling clashes of cymbals, but whatever floats your bubble.
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