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 It's very strange. I think that a surprising number of companies have non-transferable warranties, but they don't advertise it, so consumers don't question it. Most companies tend to be pretty lax when it comes to warranties though (Apple). Still, I wouldn't worry about Focal, who has been making some of the finest speakers in the world for many years.
 It's starting to trickle in. Consider it a rite of passage for every headphone. Even the best will have its critics because we all have different tastes and preferences. I'm going to wait it out a bit and maybe jump straight to Utopia if there's a reasonable deal nearby.
What we should get now is the flood of backlash shortly after its honeymoon run. The Elears will soon be condemned as the worst thing since Stalin.
 How big of a distraction is the 4-5KHz dip for rock? I find it very odd that the reviewer complained vociferously about this big valley when it is the Elear's female vocal reproduction that he dislikes. Is there something really unnatural within this range also? The huge drop off doesn't start until 3KHz and isn't really that significant until 4 KHz.
Still absolutely loving mine (open back) after 4 years. It's the most enjoyable cans that I've ever had. I never considered myself a basshead until these. They've ruined me for flagships like the HD800 and T1.   I'll probably try the TH900 in my system at some point, but its tonal balance is way off my preference.
After all these years, I've revised my list:   1. Fake Plastic Trees 2. No Surprises 3. Let Down 4. Where I End And You Begin 5. Wolf at the Door   Anyone hear this haunting cello instrumental of No Surprises?
These two headphones aren't in the same class. The T1 is technically far superior (though this doesn't mean that everyone will prefer it), and as others have mentioned, it requires a lot more power than your Mojo. Arniesb made a good point about the amp not being enough to drive the HD650 to its fullest potential either.   I don't know if any portable amp will do the T1 justice.   The Mojo is a great little amp for IEMs and sensitive cans like the TH-900.
 I agree. It sounds as if there is digital processing. Good and accurate headstaging should scale based on the recording, but with the HD800, EVERYTHING is rendered extremely wide. Its depth is also not overly impressive, especially compared to properly amped electrostats, but imaging is very sharp. I don't know if I've heard better in a headphone.
I suggest that those are very liberal marketing manufacturer specs, much like speaker manufacturers that rate their products as having bass at least 1-2 octaves lower than they actually do. My question for Elear owners is if the noticeable dip in that treble region is particularly bothersome or intrusive for rock?
I'm quite keen on the Elear but have a few strong reservations:   Everyone says that they're extremely dynamic and punchy, but numerous users also consider them to be slightly laid back (Tyll). How can a can be punchy and also laid back at the same time? Is it the bass and treble that are punchy, while the mids are smoother and more laid back? This would make sense to me.   How punchy are the cans, especially in the upper mids and upper treble, overall compared to the...
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