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Did you try the TH-900 open back? If there is a dramatic tonal shift, I would be interested. 
Its OK. I'd take it over King of Limbs.
Why are you guys feeding the troll? A newbie who crashes a thread just to trash its topic is an automatic ignore. 
Without amp, definitely avoid the 600/650 because they require plenty of power. Consider the lower impedance Grados and the D2000.
2nd Law is weak, but I find King of Limbs unlistenable.
Definitely recommend Grado if you don't want to amp. If you do, then the D2000 or its bigger brother if budget permits.
Difference between real and fake Beats is that Dr. Dre doesn't pocket the 20 times markup on the former.
Tell us the price and specs of your machine compared to the MP that costs 3 times more.
How much for outright sale on the HE-6?
And they'd have to sue everyone because every manufacturer now has an ultrabook that looks similar.    I remember when people were telling us all how their netbooks cost only $250, and that the Air was an overpriced piece of junk. Now every company is on the ultrabook bandwagon. You can't and shouldn't be able to patent a basic design. Can you imagine if some of our most important technologies were patented? Only one manufacturer is allowed to make TVs? 
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