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I've been using my 900 exclusively for movies, shows, and games (Fallout 4) and cannot take them off. Love the bass slam, dynamics, and sharp, 3D imaging. While not quite as comfortable as the D7000, it's still one of the most comfortable cans that I've had, and I have a very large head. I wear it for many hours without much thought.Watch Fury Road in 4K with ATMOS. The 900s will blow you away.
Think of this as a positive: indie earpad makers will make a killing on aftermarket Utopia and Z1R earpad replacements.
 I don't think that it's a coincidence that the Elear and the Utopia have similar sound signatures despite using different drivers. The Elear is warmer, but their FR is similar. I believe that the Utopia's slightly brighter presentation can be attributed to its greater transparency overall. Some listeners don't prefer this. A recent video reviewer even devalued the Utopia for having too "impactful" treble, which I think is a pretty absurd criticism. To me, that's like...
The Utopia also has an enormous -15db drop between 5-6KHz (and 11-13KHz). You just don't notice as much because it's quite a bit more resolving and transparent than the Elear.
When it's HOT, you know that it's working but I've never had a tube amp/ preamp whose volume knob gets so hot too. Even my 1/4" jack gets very warm. I had to put a plate in between the Lyr and my DAC.  
 They should be exactly the same, unless one is damaged, or a driver is poorly matched.
 And for us head-bangers, we want aggressive and dynamic attack! We don't want all upper frequencies to be "smooth" and "liquid" like most cans are described. I've never heard of a hard cymbal clash that was "smooth" in real life. Still dying to hear the Z1R to assess its overall detail, resolution, dynamics, and imaging though. I was slightly disappointed with the Elear in these areas. The T1 can now be had for less than $600 and betters it in all of these areas, IMO.
 Only two issues? LOL. That list is a travesty.
If it's not a jumper, how can it be changed? This poster says that it can be changed easily:
Congrats! The TH900 is extremely revealing and can be unforgiving, especially of 6-8KHz distortion. Unlike many cans, it won't mask and smooth over detail and distortion in this region.   I recommend pairing it with a smoother source like a properly implemented R2R DAC or vinyl, particularly if you listen to a lot of poor recordings (Arcade Fire, metal, Oasis).
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