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You're a good man    I would buy them if I didn't already have a D7000 and a TH900. 
I reckon I do.   Funny story, when I auditioned the Elear and Utopia, they didn't really fit me because I had a toque on, though my head was almost completely shaved. The very bottom of the earpads on both were still clipping my earlobes a bit.   The medium sized Qualia were actually quite small for me, and the K1000 gave me a massive temple headache every time --could never endure them for more than 45 minutes.
A poll:   I wear my TH900 at the maximum length adjustment, and the cups just clear the bottom of my earlobes, and I have fairly small ears.   Anyone else?
That's the smarter move. I'm leaning towards selling my 7000 to make room for an HE6 or HE1000, but I don't know if I can get myself to move those Denons.
I believe that those Headroom measurements are accurate. Innerfidelity also shows the same upper treble drop. Tyll even did a measurement of a modified open-back D2000, which also had the same drop, so it's just a characteristic of the previous gen Fostex drivers. The D7000 can't be accused of being a dark headphone, but I do sense slight darkness in the highest frequencies.
I'm debating this right now. There is an argument for owning both because they are different enough, but if you want one can that does something that the other can't, then owning an entirely different headphone like an HE6 or an HD800 makes a lot more sense.
The D7000 is more balanced and more neutral, except for its massive drop in the 14-18KHz region, which causes it to lose a lot of air and space compared to the TH900. I think that a good number of people will prefer the signature of the 7000 over the 900 (I do), despite its technical shortcomings compared to the Fostex. I want the next Fostex flagship to have the 7000's FR response, except flatter sub-bass (7000 starts dropping off at 30Hz, while 900 is flat to 10Hz) and...
My PC is optimized for silence, so I'd prefer not to have an external fan beside it. I'll try socket extenders instead. They look better anyway.
 Compared to Patek, AP, and others, that's really quite reasonable. It's all relative.
Does anyone know if HIGH gain is automatically biased to class A/B? With my TH900, it sounds noticeably more strident and sibilant than LOW gain with the stock tubes. LOW gain is much smoother and more refined.
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