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 Well, in the world of ridiculous audio marketing, this trumps them all. The SR-009 seems like a bargain can now, doesn't it?
If you underdeclare Customs, this guy could file a chargeback with Paypal once he gets the cans. He would win because the Customs papers would be fraudulent, and because Paypal is, well, a joke. He could claim that you sent him an empty box or a pair of fake Beats.   He would then have your cans and your money, and there would be nothing that you would do about it because no one would fly to a different continent just to reclaim $750. Good luck trying to find someone in...
Beware of Brazilian PayPal users. Send at your own peril, especially if underdeclaring Customs. 
Looking to trade up a level or two plus cash for an amp that meets the following criteria:   - Class A and discrete throughout with dedicated power - Amp only, no DAC section - Enough juice to drive an HE-6 but still fine enough for low impedance cans (D7000) - Favors dynamics and neutrality over warmth and delicacy - $1,000 value or under   I'm in Vancouver and would like to trade within Canada. Remaining funds to be transferred via EMT, Paypal, or cash in person....
Gneiss takes the amp, and I go for the HE-6?
I'm slightly flexible on price if you're paying cash in person (GVA). 
$1000 CDN/ $950 USD, Firm, no trades. Any payment method OK except for Paypal. Buyer covers shipping and insurance. Face to face in Vancouver preferred.   Excellent condition but for a few paint chips detailed in the pictures. The sound is perfect, as are the 3 pads, grills, headband, and storage box. All 3 manuals and the outer box are included also. No stock cable, but it has a 5-feet custom Cardas cable terminated in 1/8 (includes 1/4 adapter).   As detailed,...
Everything except Beatles and one Roger Waters album has been sold... Strongly prefer Vancouver buyers, who will be given priority.    Before you compare my asking prices with flea market offers, please note that every LP has been wet cleaned 2-3 times per side with a Nitty Gritty vacuum cleaner. All records are sleeved in previously unused and dirt free clear plastic, then stored safely. Most of the records were brand new.   I played these only on higher end...
I know...if he were local, I'd be all over it. 
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