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Just got a PM that I am a winner and can be one of the first to get this
It is April 1st in Asia......
Arguably one of the best solid state headphone amp available.   Bought last month during Bay Area Meet and received it for 3 weeks. Cosmetic and working condition are both perfect. Comes with all original packaging and accessories.   Selling because I am narrowing down my headphone collection. It is the best amp for my LCD-3, however I decided to sell my LCD-3 therefore I am letting go this amp too.   Price includes US Shipping and PayPal Fee.     Please PM for...
 Okay I will put it on your table.This is an interesting device and I am sure people will have some fun ab testing.
I will be attending, And I can bring my iFi Audio iTube if anyone who have a table interested in adding that to their setup please let me know.
Thanks for the reply.   2m length length and added Entreq web page.   There isn't much info available though.   Entreq is a reputable brand but is better known in the hifi speaker community than in head-fi.
This is the battery of the Original Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo DAC. I dont know if it is the same for the new Solo db/R(probably not). 1800mAh. It is holding charge normally. It comes from my original Algorhythm solo, I replaced my own with a 3000mAh Battery. You can use it as a backup for your solo or you may install it and make your Solo run dual battery.   Domestic Shipping Only. Price includes shipping and paypal fee.
The upcoming violectric V220/V281 has preamp out.
8/10 condition, this is over a year old and I am the second owner. Still working perfectly no issue.   Includes carrying  bag and original Box.   Price includes paypal fee but not shipping.
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