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I am interested in getting a V800 DAC. V1 or V2 does not matter as I do not use USB, so I would prefer V1 for a cheaper unit.   Please shoot me a PM if you have one for sale.   I am located in California.
WTB RWAK120II, AK120II, AK RWAK120S or RWAK120B Not interested in any other model.   Can also trade with my HD800/HE6/T5p if you are interested.
Like new condition with original packaging and accessories. You do NOT need iFi iUSB to use this.   Information about the cable:   Price includes ConUS shipping and Paypal Fee.
It is been used for over a year so it is not mint, look used but overall condition is still very good. Perfect working condition.   Just the headphone and original cable. No box or accessories.   Original cable in the picture is damaged. I have a replacement mini to mini cable(black) that work just as well and will include that cable and a 3.5 to 6.3mm adapter with the headphone.   Price includes ConUS shipping and Paypal.   International add $35   Price is firm.
Looking to trade my Vali for a Magni 2. Or my cash for Magni 2. I want specifically Magni 2 non-uber. Not interested in Magni 1 or Magni 2 uber.   Thank you.
Excellent condition.   Comes with original carrying case and accessories but no box.   Prices includes US shipping and paypal fee.
NAD HP50, excellent condition, near mint. Come with original box and all accessories.   Price includes US shipping and Paypal fee.
HD600 Good condition, earpads and headband are a bit old but it is clean. Perfect working condition.   Comes with stock cable, no box. Not first owner.   Price includes ConUS shipping and Paypal fee.
Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. Very good condition, newly replaced headband, no original box.   Price includes ConUS shipping and Paypal fee.
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