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At that price point, I'd recommend the Brainwavz HM5. Very comfortable (once you stretch the headband a little bit, not too difficult), nice neutral sound sig, good isolation, and possibly the toughest build quality I've ever seen in a headphone (excluding V-Moda). They sound fine without an amp, but they will scale up nicely.
 Keep the technics, ditch the AT table. The Ortofon cart is actually VERY good, especially with the OM20 or OM30 stylus. And the Technics isn't a bad table either.
64gb cards are right around $50 at the moment. Whether or not there's a noticeable benefit, it saves you from having to convert your files.
 That hasn't been a problem since the early Planar series, if I recall correctly. Hell, even the original MDF platter on my P2 was dead on.
Looks to be early-'80s Marantz gear. I'd snag it if they aren't asking too much.
 I came very close to buying an SL1200 a couple years back. I decided to audition some of the current production, entry-level belt drive tables (Pro-ject, Rega, Music Hall). I know many people will argue with me on this, but the Rega tables just sounded better. I know direct-drive may be technically superior on paper, but the SL1200 just sounded dead and lifeless compared to the Rega RP1. With your budget, I would suggest looking into the RP3. Find a dealer near you and...
No more analogs for this guy!   
 It's easy to peel off, as the glue holding it in place is old and dried out. Just go slow so that you don't crack the tuner dial. As for the diffuser, I just used printer paper  Couldn't even tell the difference. If you're replacing the lamps with LEDs (which I HIGHLY suggest), there's no need to worry about heat.
 I use the Modi with mine. I'm not even sure the Aune has a line-out from the DAC section (I could be wrong). The Bifrost is also worth considering, the Crack is definitely up to the task.
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