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 Skip the Spin Clean, get a proper vacuum cleaning machine like the Record Doctor V or KAB EV-1. Makes a huge difference.
 Did that, no joy. Windows won't even register that it's connected in the device manager. Sent an email to Massdrop to start the exchange process.
Got mine in yesterday. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to send it back. I couldn't get the USB input to work on any of my computers (Windows 7 and Windows 10). Even after installing the drivers, I couldn't get the computer to recognize it. Tried several USB cables as well. Anyone else having this problem? Optical and coax inputs work just fine.
 The 3.2s are good, but if you look around (somewhere other than eBay, of course), you might find a pair of 5.2s for that price. And they're a whole lot better.
About to pull the trigger on the DX50. Seems like it pairs well with the ER4P, anyone want to talk me out of it? 
 All you need is a little EQ for that. I use Poweramp on my Galaxy Note 3, it can turn them into downright bass monsters. They respond very well to EQ thanks to their naturally flat response.
Just bought my third and final pair. Won't be selling them again, ever.  I may even get custom molds in the near future, although the triflanges aren't bad once you get used to them.   A quick question for all fellow ER4 lovers; I'm looking into getting a new DAP, either the Fiio X3 or iBasso DX50. Which pairs better with the ER4P (or S, I have the adapter)?
Sold to me!
 I was once using my ER4s late at night in my dorm room, and couldn't hear the fire alarm until my roommate alerted me  False alarm, thankfully. But yes, the isolation is THAT good.
My music library (all FLAC, mostly 16/44.1) is about 320gb total. I store it on a 1tb Western Digital Caviar Black in my PC to free up room on the SSD.
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