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Hi guys, searching around, this can be closest meetup for me. (ITA) Hope to hear some news and find some cheapish flights.   Take care all
Thanks buddy, best wishes
Thanks man!! How are you? I hope everything well!Best wishes!!
Here's my review fellas, enjoy!!!
Here's my review folks, enjoy!!
Received mine today. This player is absolutely fantastic. My review will be more on the build quality-design side and software (still i'll tak about the sound and other things) as i think we need diversification on reviews. For now, the only thing i would say is that everyone deserve an X5.   1 note: i don't know if it's my unit (or the firmware) but the wheel is a bit fancy, sometimes is precise, sometimes misses or goes 3 steps...
Everything is going to be fine. We're all here for the success of this tour, James.
I'd be interested in trying out X5, that would be AWESOME! I'm already a owner of the FiiO e07k “Andes” + FiiO L9 lod cable   Headphones and IEM that i'll try with the X5: Custom Art Music One CIEM Brainwavz HM5 (Fisher audio FA-003) Philips fidelio X1 AKG K450 Koss Pro4AAT (That should be a good test for high impedance cans) Koss UR-40 I'm going to order a pair of V-MODA M80 trueblood and i hope they'll arrive in time Daps: Ipod Classic 80G Rockboxed Sansa...
Does anyone know any good chinese seller that ships worldwide with the webiste in english?
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