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I've found none so far. The problem for Plex are the mobile application also: you don't even know your birate during playback on mobile.
Hi,i feel you bro.Plex is overall a better solution but can be a pain on transconding stuff.The problem, in that case, is not PLex but your browser, try to check here what are the formats supported by your browser:http://hpr.dogphilosophy.net/test/Firefox does not support flacs.
Thank you very much, i'll try to install it via Putty right now, i'll pm you if something goes wrong eheh
Hi yay101,bubbleupnp server side needs a media server installed, because it's not capable of indexing and playback (i think that this is the reason).Currenctly i've got the bubble upnp server without the media server (On Ubuntu server 15.04).Minidlna will serve that purpose?
Hi, There are a bunch of streaming services that nowadays claims to stream lossless audio or some specific formats/bitrates Is there a way we can analyze the audio coming from the browser, without special external equipment? I've got only the FiiO e07k atm.   Many thanks
Thanks buddy, gonna check that out
That mimiserver seems hard to configure.Any other more popular ideas anyone?
   Hi, the OS server side is Ubuntu Sever 14.04. What kind of software do i have to install server side?This solution works well even if the server is remote and not on the same network? It is really important for me because the server is on a datacenter, i don't have phisical access to the server.Authentication how is managed? Thanks
Hi, i've recently bought some digital FLAC's and i've put them into a server to stream them remotely accross all my devices, especially windows pc's, unix pc's, android and others. I can't find the right application server side and neither clients side. right now i'm trying Plex media server but i'm gonna discard it for some reasons: None of the apps shows information about the files you are playing. The windows app is not able to play Flacs, neiter the web...
Hi everyone, sorry for resuming that old discussion. What about android phones? If i install the Plex app and i've got FLACS on the server, there has to be a way to be sure that i'm playing without transcodes.. I hope that the app itself now gives some playback information...
New Posts  All Forums: