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One thing I want to share: I thought nothing happened and the sound volume didnt really changed but then I realized the second slider "Music, video, ..." was not (no longer?!) fully to the right, and I am pretty sure it was, so I pushed it all the way to the right. Now master slider (first one) is indeed lower to the left! So check the middle slider ...
An interesting and fair review of ZX2 has been published on WhatHiFiSoundAndVision UK Sep 2015 I am not sure if its ok to share just the 2 pages of this article. If someone confirms it, I will share this with you guys.
I found out today MP3 tracks (at least the album I was listnening) were not gapless, where FLAC seems to be ok. Can anyone confirm? so I stop worrying now :-) although I wish MP3 would be gapless too.
up to 1000x1000 seems ok, and yes MP3TAG will take care of this.
I just went from DX90 to ZX2! As far as sound is going, well, ZX2 is more subtle, clearer and more neutral, DX90 is great for the price, first question is, do you need to spend 3 times more? If money is no object well then yes. With ZX2, one thing for sure is build quality is trully 1st class, extremly heavy, the battery perhaps, and talking battery, I have been "burning in" my ZX2 all day in loop, so at least 12 hours and battery is at 70% so it would likely last...
I didnt, just reused existing SD Card will my music in folders (classical, pop, ...) at the root. All were detected. Music folder is emptyBTW SD card is formatted with exFat
 I would like to share how to fix this, until Sony manages external covers in the music folder.I will make it short, feel free to ask any further details. Here goes 1. Ensure you have a "cover.jpg" in the same folder (each album is in a folder on my system) -> Cover Art Downloader makes it easy: http://sourceforge.net/projects/album-art/2. Use MP3TAG (amazing tool, free but this guy really deserve a donation  I am not him and create a script that will take care of it, if...
Maybe Android apps, iBasso DX90, Cowon Z2, no issue here :)
Guys, I just found out that only embedded cover art will be displayed, not external files such as folder.jpg or cover.jpg Who do we talk to to improve this in the next firmware revision? Will Sony hear us? or this is hopeless?
Damn! I was afraid someone would say that :-) and the obvious extra: battery, accessing Qobuz and UI ! thanks
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