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from the userguide: "When using line out, one should always turn the volume up to the maximum "255" to ensure ..."Why line out doesnt deliver 255 automatically?!!! Is there a good reason? otherwise it would be worth contacting iBasso, wouldnt it?
I cant believe in this config a different battery (bigger) would improve the sound ... not be offensive but this sounds a bit like BS, maybe it isnt ...   Anyhow, stock battery can hold 5 to 6 hours like my spare Samsung but the big difference is that the Samsung will retain its load when the DX90 is powered off, where the stock one will loose one or 2 "bars" when I switch it back in the morning! :-( So I decided to keep the standard S3 battery. Autonomy is not that...
Talking about batteries (will report on sound and stuff later on), since my DX90 must be delivering around 6 hours, this is not much, I have been trying some "genuine" S3 battery (from eBay, not the ceapest ones) and it is pretty hard to make sure you are not getting a fake (or am I?). I am testing right now how long they all last including the one supplied with my DX90, branded PISEN. I just found this interesting article...
Thanks, I selected EBay that ships to France :-) Cheers
 I confirm, although not tested fully, stock battery seems fairly weak and I doubt it hold as much as promised ie more than 7 hours, seems more in the range of 3 to 4?Could some nice folks share their source for purchasing a compatible battery, e.g. the S3 one?Thanks
Sure all of this works but the worse is Android related, if you dont pay attention, apps keeps relaunching in the background and sucks out your battery! Really bad, of course Wifi and BTooth is off, but even then ... If I turn on Wifi, even more apps turn up ... If anyone knows how to stop it ... please share ! thanks
Try exFAT ! pretty sure it is read-write on both MacOS and Win : confirm you can read it on Z2, but I believe my card came as exFAT formatted. Worth trying! --- still be careful: ---
I hate my Cowon Z2 for its inability to handle tags properly (which the J3 was totally ok with) : Artist > Album > Tracks which is a must for multi disc like opera, unless I 'retag' everything. So pleazzzzzzzz Fiio, just correct this, and your X3 will be mine Cheers
  Of course +1, how do you play classical music without it ... Cowon J3 had it, but Z2 doesnt (!?) and it is just the biggest pain to suffer evrey day - Yes I do have my music properly organized at folder level but tag nav is still the best when it works well ...
  Please do, I own a Z2 and I wonder if getting X3 is worth it, especially since X3 doesnt handle video, I know this is not its purpose but sometimes it's always great to have both on same device.
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