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Thanks a lot.   
Hi all, i am also interested in getting NFB10SE but got some question to ask before ordering.    My main objective is to use the DAC section for my Swan MKII speaker and light usage on the amp section.   - is this worth getting or should i just stick with NFB3.1?  - how do i connect the balanced DAC section to my speaker? Laptop (USB) -> NFB10SE (USB) -> speaker ?    Thanks. 
1 more M3 left.    Low ballers will be ignored.    Thanks 
Hi, i have 2 Brainwavz M3 for sale at US$75 each (inclusive of postage and paypal fees).    However on 1 condition, it is not cost effective to send the whole box therefore i will remove all unnecessary foams but you still get the box just without the foams.    i will not try the IEM as i already own a set of M3 and these 2 are leftover gifts.    Thanks.    I also have 2 Nationite Midnite 7" tablet for sale at US$120 (brand new). prefer to keep it local...
buyer back out.    still have 1 up for sale at US$65 inclusive of postage and paypal charges for Australian buyers.    International buyers pm me. 
1 sold   1 pending
Hi forum, i have 2 brand new Brainwavz M3 for sale at US$65 each. Price is inclusive of postage and paypal charges.    Still sealed in box so rest assure that it is absolutely brand new. I got them as a free gift during the Mp4nation christmas sale.    The price is only valid for Australia buyers.    International buyers have to pm me and i will work something out for you.    Thanks and have a nice day. 
M2 Sold.    RE-ZERO SOLD
picture uploaded and forget to mention that i will upgrade all postage to registered at my own expense. 
Hi forum, i have 4 Brainwavz M3 for sale at US$ 80 each, 1 Brainwavz M2 at US$SOLD and RE ZERO at US$SOLD.    They are all brand new and still have the plastic wrap over it. Price are inclusive of Delivery and paypal fee. As the package for M3 might be too big for small parcel delivery, i might need to remove the M3 from the package and send it without the foam but still have the box and rest of the accessories. I will upload photo later in the day as proof that they...
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