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 I assumed the longer cable would be better suited for taller individuals or those that keep their phones some place other than in their pockets.
 Yes - it has to as the iPhone only outputs digital from the Lightning port. The difference between using the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter and your stock IEM cable is obviously it turns two cables into one, and like the bundled Earpods on the iPhone you have the mic/physical volume controls. Worth noting AAW have gone through the application and approval process for MFi which means the product is officially recognised and compatible with Apple iOS products, so there should...
Good stuff! Hopefully they'll be another update soon.
 I went with the shorter length - it's about the same as the stock cable my IEMs have - and I'm not a beanpole so don't need lots of slack. I don't think they'll drop the Lightning connector either. 
 YT vid if the link doesn't work. 
AAW Capri should enter mass production mid-April according to the latest update. I considered the AK XB10 but the Capri's a neater solution, here's hoping it lives up to expectation.
 They have designed and ordered the packaging in bulk too.
Just seen this. Looks perfect on paper as my CIEMs have a right-angled connected and having to use the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter makes for an awkward set-up, plus I'm not confident about the robustness of the adapter long-term. My MG6 Pros use the bog standard 2 pin so good to go.
 Hey maybe. I might just go with Smoke again which is still somewhat transparent but obviously with a new clean faceplate rather than what I presume they normally do with ones that are returned, which is to just fill the vent in. With the purple and blue left/right inner bits the clear would still look slightly purple/blue.   (You'd all hate me if you saw the state of my DX100 btw, it ended up taking a few nasty falls and is absolutely battered! Battery doesn't hold it's...
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