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Thanks! Will do. Only album they ever made as well so I don't have a big discography to buy lol.
 It could do without the Dyson Sphere I-IV part and some of the experimentation comes off as a bit incongruous with the rest of the album's sound, but it's groovy and has that otherworldly feeling which is missing from a lot of extreme music these days, to me anyway. They're onto something... to me anyway. In other news, I only just found out about this album...  Unique vocal approach but apparently another 90's DM classic that wasn't on my radar.
  Dis album doe.
If you search around a bit on various forums you can find individuals claiming x input sounds better to them than the other ones - be that HDMI, USB, AES, etc. Make of that what you will.
That Cosmos case is gigantic!
Subbed. Even though I have 2 CIEMs now I'm always curious (prefer taking my silicone customs on the commute as the MG6 Pros are vented and let in too much noise on the Tube etc but miss their low end - wouldn't mind a compromise!).
On the latest firmware, can't hear any difference with the Event Opals I use it for.
May be of some use to people when it comes to thinking about how you amp them:#442 
Dropped my keys on mine today and took a gouge out of the screen protector... oh well time for it to come off - I never liked it anyway, one of those grainy matte jobs. Better be ultra careful with it from now on though (he said, having dropped it onto concrete twice).
Not to keep derailing the thread...but... That site I linked (MagicLX521.com which is based in Germany) sell the full kit for the speakers - you have to assemble it yourself but it's super easy (stick A into B, plug B into C etc) -  don't think you even need a screwdriver!
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