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Yeah being from the UK, Toxic Cables would be on the list - I met him at one of the London shows a while back, nice guy.
It's actually not, hilariously. The electronics guy went kind of AWOL for ages and combined with Linkwitz coming out with the LXMini, we've decided to hold off on the build, then we'll adapt the Pluto electronics as per instructions for the LXMini and finish the physical build (it uses the same woofer but a different tweeter and the design is slightly different. We are rubbish though, we concede - it's embarrassing we haven't made them...
 Yeah I really just want a cable that looks nicer than the stock black one but it's not a big enough deal for me. Something that sounds as good as my DX100 but fits in my pocket better would be nicer. Interesting, thanks.
Still alive, still listening to mine. I kept meaning to get a nicer looking cable but keep finding other things to spend my money on... maybe one day. I know if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but I'd be interested to know if they're R&D'ing or have come up with any improvements to their drivers for an MG7 or what not - it's been a few years now and I'd like to test out that upgrade discount for existing owners thing! They're not very active on their own site or social media.
 Can't say I've noticed any difference - the monitors themselves have some gain adjustment controls but it's only something tiny like +/- 6db - I'm not too paranoid about it!
Looks like the Dell 21:9 monitor - there's a few of those available now. Those cinema-esque aspect ratio feels.
 I haven't tried the unbalanced - I have Event Opals connected via XLR to the balanced outputs as I'm just used to using that connection for active monitors (should be better in theory anyway). Actually I have a couple of those XLR attenuators connected between the NAD and the cables because without them I have to cut major dbs on the NAD before the Opals give me a relatively low listening volume for times when I can't blare them out, and even as a very fancy digital...
Nice. Presume the built in storage will only be a poverty 8GB like the 50? I have a 64GB microSD card in any case, but more storage is always welcome.
DX100 owner - might be tempted if it's the same performance for IEMs in a smaller package.
 I lucked out and managed to get a superb deal on them 2nd hand - an audiophile dude on a hi-fi forum was letting them go as although he loved them, he literally couldn't deal with the lack of box-swapping involved in a pro-audio type chain; he just HAD to be able to change amps, cables and experiment, so let them go. Still under warranty for another year, but they seem perfect bar the slight tweeter hiss you can hear up close, but I knew about that before I got them - in...
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