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 Ah - found what I was looking for. ^^^ Cool.
I don't see why if using ALAC/Apple Lossless, since it's just a file being instructed to be played, which is then sent to the external DAC/amp. I'm not a big believer in software making any meaningful difference if there's no EQ'ing involved. I'd want to use Apple Music too for streaming
Probably missed it in this thread, but I take it you still have to use the iOS device's volume controls once connected. If so, does the Skyn offer a greater degree of control over the volume in the native Music app? One thing I've never liked about the few times I've plugged my IEMs into my iPhones is it's literally one step between 'not quite loud enough' and 'too loud'.
Good point, actually. Didn't think of that.
Looking forward to seeing some comparisons of this v.s. the HA-02 - SQ and obviously battery-life are the two biggies as it's probably between these two paired with a 128GB Touch for wifi/no wifi listening. I like the idea with this at least of not having any cables involved, although I need to do a paper mockup to see how the length works with pockets etc.
Very nice. It's certainly looking like it's between this and the Centrance Skyn at the moment; one is thicker, one is longer so I'll have to look at SQ, battery life, then decide how important a bulge v.s. poking out the top is (lawl).
 Yeah the 3rd option is pretty much what I'm after - I want a large offline library for when I have no wifi (commuting on the train/Tube etc) and when I'm work w/wifi I'd like to be able to stream for various reasons. Thanks for the links to the right-angled cables I knew I'd have to look for something like that. The only thing with the iPod is the 4" screen is a little small for 2016 but it's not a deal-breaker.  That's a possibility too. I've had a DX100 for ages and...
Thinking about getting a 128GB iPod Touch - is this basically the best cost/performance ratio device to pair with it? Trying to make a shortlist and haven't checked out what's for sale for ages.
I'm definitely a fan of the later stuff although I need to be in the right mood for listening to stuff that's more about a feeling or texture than songs per se; there's just something soothing about that distinctive use of fretless guitar to create those waves of black dissonance. 
Another new SikTh track:  
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