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I am fine with carrying around a set of headphones since I don't like the in ear headphones. You would suggest the M50 and SRH850 over the ESW9?
Thanks for the input. I listen to rock music mostly, though occasionally classical or rap. My budget is up to $300. It will mostly be used just for my ipod and without an amp. I also much prefer over ear to in ear and like the isolation that closed headphones offer. So with that in mind, which headphones would be best to get?
Thanks. I have a question though. The Audio Technica ESW9 has a ? next to it. Does it actually need an amp or does it sound good without?
Hey guys, I want to actually get some nice sounds out of my ipod so I was wondering, what are the best overear closed back headphones that I could get and run without a headphone amp on my ipod?
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