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I'm leaning towards the 535le's, and if I did get them in the future I might upgrade the cable but anyways.  My only concern is that some say they aren't good for fast music?  Like with rock music (mostly stuff like blink 182, my chemical romance, the offspring, black veil brides, we came as romans, etc.) I want the separation to be good and I don't want it to sound like a jumbled mess like my se215s.  Also how would the bass compare to say the 215s?
Usually a high school classroom with a few people talking.
Well what really draws me to the 232s is the comfort.  Although I do have the se215s and I don't mind them.  And with regards to isolation it's mostly just in school people talking and stuff.  
I listen to everything but mostly rock, alternative, slightly indieish stuff, pop, and singer songwriter acoustic type of stuff.  I want something with a wide, but natural sound stage, impactful, but not overwhelming bass, good vocals, good separation, good isolation, all that stuff.  I narrowed it down to the shure 535 limited editions and audeo pfe232s after reading tons of reviews.  I like the 535les because they have an even wider sound stage, better treble, good...
My mobile set up is a rockbox 5.5 with shure se215s.  My non mobile set up is shure 840s or phiaton ps500s with an auzentech prelude sound card.  Also dahlquist dq30 speakers that could use a dac but I don't use it a whole lot but anyways.  I listen to mostly rock, alternative, pop, slightly indieish stuff, and a little acoustical singer song writer type stuff and a little hip hop.  So anyways I have roughly $500 for Christmas to upgrade something.  I was thinking new...
Main requirements: very good sound isolation, and really comfortable They are for pop, rock, alternative, and rarely classical.  The source will probably just be a laptop or something.  As for the way they sound, not too bass heavy, and they're not really for an audiophile anyways.  Any ideas?
  I have a pair of the all black ones and some of the black/white cord ones (none are mine dont worry) and they sound pretty bad.  Also the plug kind of broke on one of them too.  And the little ear things would always fall off.  Probably a scheme so you would have to buy more.  
Well it only shakes the room when I turn the sub up a lot.. Just because it's fun.  But when I'm actually listening it's usually set down more.  My mains are some pretty good jbls, but can't compete over this sub when it's really going.  I'm too young to go to clubs too.  But thanks for the tips.  So I guess theres nothing wrong with the fit or anything then either.  I do think they sound nice though. 
When the 32 and 62 hz is all the way up on the eq on my auzentech prelude  and bass boost about 1/2 up, I actually hear bass.  Without all that, this song for instance - There is constant bass throughout the whole entire song, and shakes my whole room with a sub, but with these iems and none of that stuff on, I hear no constant bass.  Do you?
Shure 840s and Phiaton ps500s.  Also just finished building a super loud sub.  But thats also no reason as to why they are basically bassless.  My old $25 koss in ear things that are gone now had way more bass.    
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