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Well, I pulled the trigger on the UM3Xs. Thanks for the help. I've only had a chance to listen to them for an hour or two but I really like them. They seem like exactly what I was hoping for, a little less harsh than the 4ps but not as 'warm' as the 530s. These phones seem to do a great job with acoustic instruments. Thanks again. Matt
Thanks for all the feedback. I'll probably give the Westones a try although I'm curious about the earsonics now. Mochan--running on the road was a little scarey with the 4Ps. Probably too much isolation for the road but perfect for the gym, planes, etc. Might have to do some research on the Earsonics and/or decide whether to wait on the detachable cabled version of the Westones. Thanks for the input. Is there anyplace to get the Earsonics in the US or a...
I realize I'm repeating the most common thread on the planet 'what should I buy?' but without the ability to audition different phones, its tough to decide. I have owned Ety 4ps. The things I liked about them is great isolation, very detailed and seemingly quite accurate. Things I was less than thrilled about included sounding somewhat harsh from time to time, particularly on poor recordings. Also, I kept breaking the little plastic tips somehow. While the bass...
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