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Thanks for your reply. I could do that anytime (send them back for repair), but I could not bear the waiting time to wait any longer for the iem to arrive back to me. As for today I just ordered a pair of 2nd hand fiio cable to replace the factory cable of my iem. Only then, I will send just the cable back for repair, the iem itself stays with me. I dont want to lose a day without it :).
Hello headfiers, I just got my new iem recently the jvc fx850. Out of the box the left cable already have problem. So when I want to listen to it, I have to adjust the left cable in the segment where the bad connection occurs which is near the mmcx connector to the iem housing.Will constant got-lost-got-lost sound on the iem because of bad connection on the cable caused any problem in the driver itself like driver degraded or something? Because every time I want to listen...
They use sony standard connection like the mdr ex 1000
Yes, it is.
How does JVC FX850 compared to Sony EX1000? Do FX850 have sibilance to the level of EX1000?
How does fx850 compared with mdr ex1000?
Just receive my FAD VI yesterday. Imported from japan. First listening not as i expexted. The mids are wonderful. Listening to vocal i can hear every words crystal clear. Maybe it just not sound signature for me. Considering on selling them soon.
I found that using Neutron music player with my f806 sound slightly better than the stock player.Music sound more spacious and slightly better separation althought clarity a bit loose..currently using stock earbud..Anyone found the same?
I don't know how much for the customs but for the price I think it is good.Compared from jaben which is $648 usd. iem price are really high..the mdr 7550 I mentioned will be imported from HK by a person who own an online shop if I place an order for it.
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