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Nuh uh. One is less taggable and has bigger files. Lol
You can still get the AP just gotta buy the Bill Evans box. $600.
They're pretty forgiving due to their smooth highs. Excellent cans, too. Really a step above the Mad Dogs.
I love last gen Rega CDPs so much. I want one.
Well it's not easy...
Thomas cancelled my third session on me so I was in the mood for tattoos and couldn't let that go to waste. Got the runes on Friday and the eye on Saturday. Both done by Darryl Hannah at Golden Age tattoo in Austin.   The eye will look better when it's healed and the shading blends a bit more. Thinking I'm going to get another on my other foot but more like the eye is rolling back into the head. The detail is sick though. -- Have another session on Thursday for...
I think Spor still out does Feed Me. He makes jams either way though, so who cares which name it's under?Also, new Burial hasn't sunk in yet, but Kindred is still the bar, I think.
That's the other reason I'm just going vague references. Even if they get ****ty it still works as a good tattoo and nobody knows it's a band thing.
 I'm trying to avoid more direct band references now. I redid my Gojira tattoo (it's now a much less obvious tribute to the L'Efant Sauvage' cover), and my Mastodon tattoo is obviously the cover of Blood Mountain, but I feel the runes are subtle to anyone that 1) can't read runes and 2) aren't familiar with Amon Amarth. They just look 'nifty' to everyone else. I'm planning a Tesseract reference in my right sleeve (I'm going to put something in one), and maybe the a tribute...
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