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NEW BORKNAGAR IN 2014 **** YES. Good year.
"We’d like to get the record finished by the end of the year and have it out as soon as Christmas and all the holidays are over with—maybe, like, March or April, it would be great to have the new record out and then do a brand new tour on some new music.”Even with delays, probably.
And Animals as Leaders and Mastodon. 2014 gonna be huge.
I got the big Pirut set from Blood. Definitely a good one.Also, I love Ulcerate. They ride that line of Tech without being too monotonas (ie. most other Tech Death bands) and I love it. Vermis was a great record. Probably in my top 10.
They've never done a lot for me, but I really dug Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel.
I hope at least the LP is good. I LOVED the new track.
I'm planning on getting that box soon. I love everything in it and it'll all be top notch. 22 LPs of Jazz bliss.
My last hurrah with my artist before she moved to Asheville. Starting the sleeve in a few months with her once she gets settled and I get travel time. Everything but the middle was freehand, btw.
Nuh uh. One is less taggable and has bigger files. Lol
You can still get the AP just gotta buy the Bill Evans box. $600.
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