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You said it annoys you. That just makes no sense to me.
Because it's still the same band...? Opeth is still Opeth. If you don't like it don't listen to it. Do what everyone does with Metallica and complain about how much better their earlier stuff was.There's no need to change the band name.Plenty of bands completely changed their sound decades ago, too. The Who, Sabbath (Ozzy to Dio), etc. and kept the name.
100% okay with that.
First time you touch one you'll change your mind. They're built like tanks.Also, relative to price...they are cheap.
Isoblocks are made with cork, not wood. You can get 'knock off' isoblocks way cheaper on ebay if you just want cork. I got like...20 for the price they sell 4 at.
I'd stay silver if you got the 218. The orange front looks a bit odd at first and I definitely prefer matching components.Good choice on the amp.
HD 800s. Best dynamics out there with the right amp, IMO. Stax 507 is also pretty killer for metal. They're so fast and clean. Of course 009s, but that's a different ball game.
RIITIIR had an amazing vinyl cut btw. One if my favorites in recent memory.
The HD800 are easily my pick for best dynamic can. That being said I HATED them first listen. Didn't try them again until I invested a lot of money into source and amp. Made all the difference.
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