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Will post tonight after work.
I'll be running a bit late. Grace works overnight and gets off at 8 so I should be there at 9. Just won't get my set up time.
Well I was gonna have a CDP but it seems I decided it was a good idea to tear mine apart today. I may try reassembling it...or maybe I'll just bring the bluray player. Lol
HA! You got the Acer eh? Good choice.
PROJECTOR? Pft. Also, good pick on Skyforger. It's a good one.
I've got a couple of Jazz records but mostly Metal, classic rock and some edm.
SR 009
Got a box of CDs and a crate of records ready to go! Excited for this weekend.
Aaaaaand got tickets for a friend and I. Birthday is Wednesday so this is a good gift.
I can do some classic rock and some Police for sure.
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