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Yeah, he was upset at me because he figured he has to get his son a record player now. That kid was glued to those jazz records. He listened to half of Waltz for Debby and part of the Cannonball blue note record in that shot.
Recent Audio Fidelity Blade Runner remaster.
Shame more people didn't hear that record. It's probably the best sounding record I own.
I'm not sure how any metal fan could not notice large jumps in quality. Some other genres are less of a difference, but metal is pretty intense. Although, vinyl is a HUGE money pit, so be ready for it.
Will post tonight after work.
I'll be running a bit late. Grace works overnight and gets off at 8 so I should be there at 9. Just won't get my set up time.
Well I was gonna have a CDP but it seems I decided it was a good idea to tear mine apart today. I may try reassembling it...or maybe I'll just bring the bluray player. Lol
HA! You got the Acer eh? Good choice.
PROJECTOR? Pft. Also, good pick on Skyforger. It's a good one.
I've got a couple of Jazz records but mostly Metal, classic rock and some edm.
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