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Start with Alien and City by Strapping Young Lad. Then move to Deconstruction and Epicloud from DTP.Also, new Behemoth isn't as good as the last single, but damn that album is gonna be good.
Yeah I'm trying to avoid 2 things with these. Dripping, and VV mods.They both up the price (dripping less so though), and VV mods come with a whole other set of variables.I'm sure I won't avoid either for long though.
It's derivitive of a pipe mod, but obviously looks like a hammer.It's a mechanical mod (analog nerd here) so it's straight 3.7 all the time. It looks best with an 18350 battery, but has extension tubes to fit larger batteries. It looks so stupid with bigger batteries though.I have a Smok Magneto as well, but it doesn't hit nearly as hard and is less conveinient to carry at work.I'm planning on buffing off the corny stamped on designs and get it engraved. It's just a big...
Welp, I definitely invested in something more fancy. Grace wanted one so I just told her to pay me what I paid for my first one. I reinvested in this guy. Hammer Mod Clone and a Smok Trophy v2 tank. So much better. It hits like a truck and has tons more flavor.
I paid under 60 before tax for 20ml of liquid, an 1100 battery, and upgraded tank and tip. Definitely cheaper than cigarettes.Even less when you mix your own fluid. Been wanting one for awhile. Today was just the right day.
I was getting booze today (a day by myself at home) and I decided to finally invest in something to vape with. There is a shop right next to the liquor store and I'm really enjoying it so far. Might help with my stress level at work lately, too. Definitely gonna be investing in something more fancy before my road trip in March.
Yeah I am not into those vocals at all.
 Agreed. Last year's was nice as well. Glad to see those write ups every year from someone as noteable as Martens. I was pretty impressed by the Chord he brought as well, but I definitely got sticker told me the price. Although, it's pretty much an all in one portable rig.
I jumped in the pit a couple too many times so I'm feelin' it this morning, but it was a good time.Skeletonwitch's set was too short. My only real complaint.
In case anyone's wondering the show was amazing. Killer setlist from Amon Amarth and Skeletonwitch killed it too. Enslaved was of course good, but their first few songs were a little too downtempo for a set like this, I thought.
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