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Blackwater Park and Heritage are bad albums to start Opeth with, IMO.Watershed is my personal favorite but they did more 'straightforward' Death Metal in their earlier works.
Few beers for lunch and some saxaphone.
MONOS But seriously though. DAC and CDT if possible. Still very curious about them.
I don't dislike a single In Flames album, some less than others, but they're all good.I actually love Come Clarity. I know it gets a ton of hate, but I LOVE it. Dead End is wonderful, to name one song.
Starting the other arm with another artist in 2 weeks and have another session with Hooper in a month.Lots of pain. Lol
Session 2 with Thomas Hooper. Really coming together. Top shading was the worst pain I've felt to date.
Yup. Girlfriend is always pissed because I shoot down floorplans with crap living room layouts.
Damage Done is a DT record.
DT and In Flames are 2 of my favorites...ever.Character is the best MDM album of all time, IMO. Damage Done is another great pick.As for In Flames. Colony is my pick. ******* brilliant.
Great buy. The 760 is a fantastic value. Just sold a build with one inside.
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