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NeObliviscaris - Portal of I (LP) NeObliviscaris - The Aurora Veil (LP) Aquilus - Arbor (LP) Aquilus - Griseus (LP) Aquilus - Arbor (CD) Colosseum - Chapter 1 (CD) Colosseum - Chapter 2 (CD) Colosseum - Chapter 3 (CD)
I forgot I'd ordered the CD for Arbor, too.Listened to the CD last night. That album is excellent.As for vinyl being worth it? Absolutely. It's not for people not willing to seek out mastering info or the easily discoraged...but if you're into metal AND good sound it's a must.
Finished listening a few hours ago. It's insane. Bottom line.
AHHHHHHHHHHHH   Blood Music dropped a big box of goodies on my stoop today.
Get Panopticon's Kentucky. It's ridiculously good. Like...STUPID good.
Antares is my favorite Sybreed album. The spacey industrial undertones in that album do it for me.Also, I'd take a 598 over a Grado anyday. It's one of my favorite headphones.
Yeah, they're excellent.
Came in today. POPMarket had a good deal for the pair. Now own all but Crack the Skye on vinyl. Still gotta get those 45s. Expecting some LPs from Blood soon, too. Been waiting too long for these NeO records.
Blackwater Park and Heritage are bad albums to start Opeth with, IMO.Watershed is my personal favorite but they did more 'straightforward' Death Metal in their earlier works.
Few beers for lunch and some saxaphone.
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