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For the most part, yes. Sometimes you'll get something from a company (isn't too common in metal, but it happens) that has a Redbook layer and a hi-res layer. I've got a few DVD-As and SACDs. I think Opeth had a hi-res release of some sort? I was mainly making the point that you don't need to worry about say, SACD capabilities for most metal. Unless it specifies otherwise, yes, a CD player is a redbook player. Although if you're into live shows there are more and more...
 You're perfectly welcome to come over and hear it for yourself. You may think Metal is niche and vinyl even more so, but Metal has been one of the few genres that kept making vinyl throughout the 'dead' years. They were very small pressings, and they're now stupid overpriced. But the pedigree is there.--As for you suggestion...I had a 6,000 USD digital source in my house for about a month (Cantata Music Center). It sat next to a record player I paid under 2k for (both...
That Ulcerate shirt is AMAZING. Oh my god.
So I've been totally out of the loop on this one (been really busy trying to hold it all together lately), but it seems slow in here... What does the attendance list look like so far this year?
Yeah...I tend to have that effect. I'll always warn not to get into it as a 'trial tun' though. Once you get a taste it's hard to go back...and it's expensive.I just recently started buying CDs again after about a year of not even having a CD player. Lol.It's just that Metal is probably the #1 genre in my mind that actually gets proper vinyl releases. You picked the wrong music to love if you're trying to avoid vinyl.
Blood sells out fast, but unless the record they're doing had a decent sounding CD already their LP will probably wreck it. I've bought most of their releases this year and not 1 has disappointed.Plus, if it sucks, sell it on eBay.Another one is Earache's FDR stuff. THEY WILL NOT SOUND BAD. You can buy those without a 'review' and chances are you won't get a dud.Also, don't start listening to stuff you wouldn't like...but again, don't kid yourself, there's PLENTY of...
The pressing is what I meant, mainly. I never fear warps, surface noise, etc from Blood.Always a concern with modern vinyl.
Yeah...I'd love to live there...after I bought all the expensive stuff I wanted...ever. lol Can't help you much on that one I guess.
 Yeah. They had a big post about it on their Facebook at one point (I'd have to dig to find it). Also, where are you guys getting $40 a record? I suppose depending on where you live maybe... My order for that LP (Odium) was just under $30 including $7.50 for shipping. Both my NeO records were $62 including $9.50 for shipping. Most of their double LPs are $28 - $33 and I don't think that's outrageous at all...Especially when you take into account their amazing customer...
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