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Yeah...I'd love to live there...after I bought all the expensive stuff I wanted...ever. lol Can't help you much on that one I guess.
 Yeah. They had a big post about it on their Facebook at one point (I'd have to dig to find it). Also, where are you guys getting $40 a record? I suppose depending on where you live maybe... My order for that LP (Odium) was just under $30 including $7.50 for shipping. Both my NeO records were $62 including $9.50 for shipping. Most of their double LPs are $28 - $33 and I don't think that's outrageous at all...Especially when you take into account their amazing customer...
Good call.EDIT: They did a flavor that was called Autumn or something that comes in the boxes as the seasonal brew, but I didn't like it. It was too sweet (like a Mike's Hard) and I couldn't stomach it. However, the Pumpkin gets the sweetness right while still tasting similar.
If you buy more than 1 at a time it's less. They are the best shippers in the business, and they're a REALLY small operation. You guys also have to consider that they REMASTER EVERY ALBUM FOR VINYL. They do it right. They don't just cut a CD master to vinyl. 3% more my foot, by the way. You're dilusional (or have never heard these albums) if you can only quantify a 3% improvement.
 I loved it when I had my 009s and LL. People would think they don't pair well because they're so revealing and transparent, but that's wrong. Honestly I loved it. With most music you can look past the flaws and still appreciate that awesome detail they offer. I only ran into 2 albums I couldn't enjoy on them...and one was a horrible master of Abbey Road.
Why would it be weird?
Just got the email about a new (still untitled) Burial EP. HELL YES.   Also, in reference to the Crystal Method...closest you'll get is Chemical Brothers. Just go check out Big Beat in general (as a genre). That's what you're looking for.
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