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HA! He did use the red face plates. I knew he wouldn't let that one die.
Yes. Yes it is.
 Pelagial is one of my favorites from recent memory. It's insanely good, IMO. I am SO PISSED this is not getting a physical release. Their other live album was fantastic, and I have a DVD and LPs for that.
I'm hoping to get some of those cables next year. Also want some killer candle holders like those after I move.
Their cheapest new CDP is 1k, IIRC. Though I like their older series more. There's a Saturn and an Apollo on Audiogon well under a grand right now.
 It could use a bit more dynamics. I agree it ain't bad already though.
BLOOD IS DOING LEPROUS' BILATERAL NEXT YEAR. [excessive heavy breathing]
I'm using a late 80s Sony beater I bought at a Goodwill for $12 (can't remember the model # right now). Sounds great. I plan to invest in a universal player (probably Oppo) after I get more live blurays. Audio spending has taken a back burner to tattoo coverage the past 7 months or so.I've owned a few CDPs around 2k but reinvested that money in my vinyl rig. Picked up the Sony when I started buying CDs again.Gojira's probably my favorite band ever (at least favorite still...
Gotta say I am pretty excited about them doing digital releases of some of these.
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