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Tattoo artist put on Agalloch and I realized I'd forgotten how good Ashes Against the Grain was.
The PT3 is cool because you can use single or dual coil wicks, IIRC. The Nautilus is dual coil.I got ANOTHER tank today that's a rwally unique cartomizer style. Local blown glass, too.--Here's my latest (being tattooed now actually)...Session 3 with Hooper.
I really need to dive into that album. Lookin' forward to it.
Last update of this sort for awhile. I got enough PV stuff for awhile now. Smok Magneto (18650) + Aspire Nautilus Tank That tank is AMAZING. Flat out. I was so close to getting an RBA, but the shop we hit up tonight had 1 left so I nabbed it.
Chevelle has never done it for me beyond "Wonder What's Next", unfortunately.
Don't get me wrong, they're both stellar.
He's so charismatic live. It's awesome. Also, the pit at that festival was terrible. Festival pits are boring as ****.
SYL is really heavy and angry. In the best way. Alien is the high point, IMO. Devin is a genius.
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