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So as you can tell I've been going ham on vape stuff (have more in the mail, too). Today's purchases are an Omega (HCigar Clone) RDA, igo-w5 RDA, Kayfun 3.1 (HCigar Clone) RBA, and an igo-w3 RDA (not pictured). I didn't get a chance to build the igo3 yet because I'm on vacation and ran out if wire. But I built the other 3. Omega (0.5ohm 28g) Igo5 (0.5ohm 28g) Kayfun (1.2ohm 28g) Kayfun @ 15watts on the VTR is amazing, but I have my eye on a DNA 30 mod soon. Hopefully...
Probably won't make this one. Got a new job recently, moving 2 weeks before, and have tattoo appointments a few days after this.
Maybe not my absolute favorite, but Animals As Leaders album Weightless is fantastic.
To all asking I have listened to my Satanist LP, but I have no frame of reference for comparing to the CD. I will say I thought it was fine. Didn't blast it though.
Agreed. I love a lighter wood with a nice grain on it.
For sure. I didn't really take it that way. The theme of the sleeve is abstract Lovecraftian so that's definitely a compliment.
Today's grabs.
Thanks I suppose.Still lots of work but here's the end of that session.
Tattoo artist put on Agalloch and I realized I'd forgotten how good Ashes Against the Grain was.
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