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 Knees to my toes. Both arms, hands, chest, and a bit of my throat as well as the back of my neck.  Deciding on fingers designs now. 
  I'm moving to California at 4:20 tomorrow and this album will be played at least a few times on the way.    This move is like my lifeline. I finally get to follow it.   Also, even after owning 009s...I love me some 25-1 IIs. 
A few from my hand tattoo session and a few from the riverbed in Sattler, TX.
I looooooove how massive his ears and head look in that one. One of my faves of him.
Yeah Austin has kept me down and out with a few kicks to the ribs over the last year. So I'm out. Lol.I'll miss it though.
A few of my more recent shots I really liked. Also, good to see Redcar and LugBug around still.
So, a lot of stuff has been going down in my life but at one point or another I've spent too much on headphone gear. I'm moving to the Bay Area (is the annual bay area thing done?) and might be doing some sound work. My new girlfriend is into headphones so I'm just here to say hey and see what I missed out on! Last i heard was basically the release of closed Audezes. Are the 009 still the king? Lol. Shoukd I just buy HD 800s again and be set?
Hey hey whoa. Don't go hatin' on Kesha now.Beiber CDs however...keep those to yourself.
Nah. Our downstairs neighbor does that more than enough.
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