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Hey hey whoa. Don't go hatin' on Kesha now.Beiber CDs however...keep those to yourself.
Nah. Our downstairs neighbor does that more than enough.
So as you can tell I've been going ham on vape stuff (have more in the mail, too). Today's purchases are an Omega (HCigar Clone) RDA, igo-w5 RDA, Kayfun 3.1 (HCigar Clone) RBA, and an igo-w3 RDA (not pictured). I didn't get a chance to build the igo3 yet because I'm on vacation and ran out if wire. But I built the other 3. Omega (0.5ohm 28g) Igo5 (0.5ohm 28g) Kayfun (1.2ohm 28g) Kayfun @ 15watts on the VTR is amazing, but I have my eye on a DNA 30 mod soon. Hopefully...
Probably won't make this one. Got a new job recently, moving 2 weeks before, and have tattoo appointments a few days after this.
Maybe not my absolute favorite, but Animals As Leaders album Weightless is fantastic.
To all asking I have listened to my Satanist LP, but I have no frame of reference for comparing to the CD. I will say I thought it was fine. Didn't blast it though.
Agreed. I love a lighter wood with a nice grain on it.
For sure. I didn't really take it that way. The theme of the sleeve is abstract Lovecraftian so that's definitely a compliment.
Today's grabs.
Thanks I suppose.Still lots of work but here's the end of that session.
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