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Wow. That is incredibly sketchy.
The 150$ price tag for R07 seems to be fairly accurate: Here's a link of R07 selling on Taobao, for 999 yuan.
Does anyone know an approximate date for international release? I'd like ear hooks  (and a case) ... but if I have to wait more than, say, two months, I think I'll just get them from china now. EDIT: Also, what's the difference between R04 Standard and R04 Pro?
Since the Custom 1's are on sale pretty much everywhere (, amongst other places), I was wondering, How do they compare to the SoundMagic PL-50? They are both single balanced armature - and they are (now) in a similar price range. Whaddaya think?
Thread revival? The Klipsch custom one's are on sale, well, everywhere (at and and they seem to be pretty decent. How do people who have heard both the Custom 1 and the SoundMagic Pl-50 think they compare? Thanks.
Why are the NE-8's no longer on NuForce's website?
What about the S:flo2? I like it well enough. It has some bugs and the UI is slightly sketchy, but it sounds good, to me anyways. Also, Batch 4 is coming out soon, you can pre-order now, and you (hopefully) won't have to wait forever.
Shame. Their amp should be interesting though, right?
Thanks for the info. It all sounds rather vague, don't you think? Seems like we're in for a wait How long did it take them to release PL-50 after PL-30?
Any word on when new SoundMagic phones come out?   Also, what's up with the official SoundMAGIC site?   GOOGLE WON'T TELL ME THE ANSWER!
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