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I know this is pretty obnoxious thing to ask... but do we have any idea of the price of the price range? Also, This:     Was posted on From those rankings, it would seem that the RE0 still manages to outperform the B2 in trebles and mids. I was hoping some other reviewers could share their opinions.
To throw in my ten cents: As someone who speaks mandarin and is learning to write Chinese, I can testify that exclamation marks are used (much) more often. Not really as much as James does though.
Does anybody know how this amp compares with the FiiO E7/E9? I want to get my first real amp and I'm torn deciding between the two.
Is there an aproxamite release date?
Is there an approximate release date?
Something of this sort from SoundMAGIC? WHEN? WHERE? it is can be moar info tiems nao pl0x?  
I definitely think they are. Fantastic highs and good mids. Not great if you want very prominent bass, however.
  I haven't personally herd both, but from what I've read, people generally prefer the S:flo, though the Cowon S9 has more EQ options? ClieOS and a few others have made reviews/impression threads. This One ->  I quite like. Apparently the sound out of an S:flo is classified as 'transparent' dynamic, clean and clear.
I got my PL-50's at House of Dap. The box was a little squished but they were great, and cheaper than most other sites. I think.
Any news on an international release date? I'd like to get a carrying case and earhooks, but not if I have to wait something like a year. Decisions, decisions.....
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