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They're now meant to be in stock in the last week of May, so expect around the first week of June.  
Does anyone know it the AKG K601 pads work as well?
Well, I was hoping to get Active Noise Cancelling for about 50$ but at most less than $100, and these seemed promising ..
That would explain alot.
Recently, I decided that I would like a nice pair of budget cans for home listening, so I decided to purchase the Superlux HD 668. Whilst lurking their site and reading all the pages in order to make my decision, I came across the Superlux HD319NC ( ) Which seem like one of the few legitimate In-ear noise canceling...
If they're in stock in may, does this mean that they will ship out around the end of may?
Will we see another BA headhpone from SoundMAGIC anytime soon?  
Why do we have to wait until May..........?!?!?!        
Is the DBA cable being used? I was under the impression that the apperance of the cable was the same as the silver, it's just copper inside  
Hmmmm... Then depending on the price of the B2 it would seem better for me to get RE0's instead... Thanks.
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