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Quote: Originally Posted by KLS I suppose you have visithed this thread To be honest, I don't think any of us is able to suggest you anything, as you didn't state what kind of sound signature you are looking for, what kind of music you like etc...So how much you want to spend? Are you coming from headphones? I'm coming from headphones. Sound signature? I'm not too sure. The music I'm...
Did you buy them from, or another seller that has a store on Amazon? For the burn in, put some music on over night and leave 'em going. You don't have to listen to the music. Getting a good fit is important too, though!
I honestly can't remember. They were a pair of Sennheiser's I bought several years ago. They were ~£60 I think? Not exactly a high end pair, but enough for me to know that I did not mind using them, and preferred them to buds. And unfortunately, I'm nowhere near any place that has them to try out.
It's more of a decision of how much I want to spend. Would you consider the SM3s worth the price? Only from a quick search I've found them for 350 EUR / £300. I've got very little experience with IEMs, I'm afraid, especially at the high end. It's a trouble to find any to try out. I'm hesitant to spend so much, but at the same time I don't want to spend, say, £100 and then find out I'm not happy with what I've got.
I should really stop coming to this forum. I originally came expecting to spend ~£70. Then I went to look at the Phonaks. £100. Then the 10s, £200. Then the IE8s, £180. Then the MTPC, £250. Now these. £300. And with that price range, W3s are obtainable too. Eurgh.
Hey, So I'm going to be ordering pretty damn soon. I think my choices right now are buying IE8s for £170, or buying the DBA-02s for £100, but shipped from Canada and likely paying import tax. What would you guys recommend? My music taste is very, very varied, so I'd like a good all rounder. Are these the IEMs for me? Thanks, guys.
From the site linked above the DBA-02s are only £100. I imagine there'd be some import tax, but even so, that's still really cheap in comparison to the other options. Really tempted by them, I have to say.
How do you think these would compare to the IE8s? It's looking like these would be slightly cheaper / the same for me as the IE8s. They look really good.
It's probably an infected ad. They'll have to track which one and get it taken off of their rotation. Chrome is pretty much blocked off from anything like that getting to it, at least at the moment, it's a very secure browser. Not too sure about Firefox, but with ad blockers it will stop them loading and be fine. Chrome's ad blockers do NOT stop the ads loading, just from displaying, but Chrome is secure enough that it shouldn't be a problem. Be careful if you're using...
That site seems a little bare bones! Edit: Nevermind, after looking at the Fischer site I see they're an official seller.
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