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Got mine from Magaosi taobao store yesterday. Paid $105. I am satisfied with this purchase though heard LZ-A4 and owned the IEM that cannot be named.    
 Zero Audio IEMs are available on and shipped internationally through AmazonGlobal directly.
$69.99 @ Massdrop
 The frequency response that the reviewer drew is dead flat and far from the French measurement.
I have SE-MASTER1 and Pulse Infinity 2.0. Honestly this combo does not impress me if no dedicated amp is in the chain. MASTER1 sounds much better with GS-X mk2 and ECP Black Diamond than the headphone output of the Infinity.  
 Just googled 'Fostex TR-70' and saw the price on a website in Thai. The listed price is 7490 Thailand Baht (around $206 USD).
Username: Sopp   Would like to see UE Pro Reference Remastered on Massdrop.
 According to the information I got, LH Labs did ship out international units (2.0 chassis Pulse Infinity) in Batch 1. I asked the CS about this and they did not deny nor explain. In Batch 2, I believe domestic orders still have the priority. It is because I am one of the super early birds (backed in October, 2013) and the CS still have no idea when my units will be shipped. In the meantime, some US backers that ordered 50 days later than me got their units from Batch...
 They said "Batch two will focus on international orders. We’ll provide more info regarding a shipping date in a couple days." on Indiegogo around two weeks ago. I am one of the early backers (October, 2013) and have nothing from LH Labs so far. Not surprised that they fail to keep their word again.
Doug, would you compare Torpedo III to Black Diamond. HD650, K701, K7XX, SA5000 are used most of time. I will grab the Dharma D1000 or HD800 in the near future and consider to add another amp.
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