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XBA-100 Single BA, Brass housing, Silver-coat OFC cord Release date: 10/24 Price: 9500 Japanese Yen
Here comes the XBA-100.
XBA-A1 Hybrid 2-way System: 9mm Dynamic + Balanced Armature
MDR-Z7 €599   Driver: 70mm Frequency Response: 3 – 100K Hz Sensitivity: 105dB / mW       MDR-1ADAC €299   MDR-1A €199
Release date has been changed to around the end of September, 2014.
 This one? "收到可靠信息,此次发布的动圈新旗舰,100% Made in Japan。" It says that the flagship is made in Japan according to some reliable source, but not saying both Z7 & Z5. I would like to see the new flagship is made in Japan. However, did Sony announce the specifications and these phones are MIJ officially? If not, how can you state that it is confirmed?
The two linked threads are for people to input their guesses or wishes if you read the thread titles.
 August 30, according to
 Thanks for the information. Problem solved. Put the power supply and amp about 8 inches away vertically, no more humming. Now I can use GS-X with 1964-V6 plugged to 4-pin balanced out.
Yes, it is stacked. I am going to change the power cable and input cables tonight to see what causes the humming.There is another amp, ECP Black Diamond, connects to the same DAC and is dead silent even with sensitive IEMs plugged. So I think the source should be fine and this problem is not resulted by the USB or the laptop.
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