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Came from Fostex Facebook
    Fostex is displaying new RP headphones, model T20RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T50RPmk3 at Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt, Germany and NAB in Las Vegas, USA this week. The new headphones feature the refined Regular Phase driver optimized for professional studio monitoring as well as improved ear pads and head pad. More details will follow in due course.
 Order placed 30 mins ago. The order page shows payment received but I do not receive confirmation email so far. Does the purchase go through?
When is the expected date for release?
Now tempted to move to Vi DAC, but most likely won't have it until 2016.
HiFiMan were worse. A few years ago I had one of their products which was out of warranty. Emailed customer service for help to fix the phones and they immediately refused to do it. Even though I told them that I would pay whatever they asked for repair (shipping on me also), they just simply said NO again and closed the case, no more reply from them. The $500+ cans became a junk and this resulted that I will never consider anything manufactured by HiFiMan.
Would like to know the same thing, or discount for the current 5-way owners.
Today I listen ASG2.5 at a local store. By comparison, treble is kind of missing and bass is too much on my AS-2. Overall ASG-2.5 is better. If 2.5 and 2 are not significantly different, there should be some problems with my AS-2.
Just saw these   VELVET Premium Signature 3 different sound signatures Price: $798 USD      
release date and estimated price in Japan   MDR-Z7: 10/18, 56000円 MDR-1A: 10/24, 28000円 MDR-1ADAC: 10/24, 37000円   XBA-Z5: 10/18, 65000円 XBA-A1: 10/24, 15000円 XBA-A2: 10/24, 26000円 XBA-A3: 10/24, 36000円   PHA-3: 10/18, 93000円   NW-A16(32GB): 11/8, 25000円 NW-A17(64GB): 11/8, 35000円
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