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Any condition. Shipping to Sydney,Australia
Hi I am a noob when it comes to amping but I have decided it is time to purchase an amp for my K701s and my budget is around $200,I have been thinking about the Matrix M-Stage but it is stretching my wallet a bit :S,could you please give me advice on what to buy and how much of a difference amping will make? I also am not sure about portable amps such as the PA2V2
I was wondering which would be better,Im willing to pay higher but I love the design of the Aiaiai,I have ie8s so I would like better sounding headphones then the ie8s
D90 for $470 AU on fake? Can I get a better price?
You all = Lol 
Beats sound horrible and my Turbine Coppers annihilate them
Bose = Lol
Thinking about M50 or Shure SRH840 but i prefer Smaller headphones 
Bose Sold,Coppers and Sennheiser Selling
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