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i just don't get it. 
^^ a trole in disguise a good one. That has is up to fight for his cans hahah.
^^^ .... i will sum it up for you. Theyre design basic. quality is pretty minimal. Basic would mean you could hear the whole spectrum of frequencies to a extent but with these i can't so they are Below basic.  they put the studio monitor tag to make you buy themm.         I get you. These are the bottom of the line of what YOU call studio monitors sure i can call anything studio monitors but these are the bottom of the line of any studio monitor. 
heheh yes Yummy I agreee
ooo^^^ :D any one have any more news on these?!
^^ Dear hunting with a water balloon or a airsoft pistol. Dude the 150s ARe Pretty terrible. They are just Headphones, they excel at nothing. Sony Does make great products. But They made this Cheap product for people with no money. But still you can get better for even cheaper!.
Sony likes to use the same driver For alot of their phones. But different Material for the diaphragm. 
jenova wow, quite the bass swine!
Yeah Senn chopped a hole out because the center material of the diaphragm was probably lagging IE Distorting. or possibly too much bass.  I would thing  with that hole in the middle the could put a small tweeter and use the Ring As a woofer? I don't know why Headphone company don't use dual driver technology. or try
Interesting. interesting.  my understanding of a HZ The wave length and time it takes to make that wave.  For instance Lower frequency Sounds better Farther away, because the full wave length can be created.  If Loud enough a subwoofer in a big Room playing 30hz will sound better 30feet away then right up close. I think i just got off topic but more information for us!
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