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Any more news?
Gudd. Yeah Im  Deep bass head. i Really dont like Mid bass its not as Energetic as the deep Rumble of yummy Deep OOMF hahah :P and LOw end bass usualy doesnt attack the mids as much as the Mid bass. Bu then once the driver starts to move ALOT then highs and mids start to fallow the deep bass and pulse in a way haha!. The beyers Dt 770 pro 80s suffer from that.  
No way 100hz isnt basss!!! 45-25hz is bass ;) i really dont like mid bass Deeeeeep bass is what i like. but i don't know what you guys like? 
the 1000s Might have less bass if they do they will still Have Physically will create more bass if you EQ them. The driver is massive so To get it moving you might need alittle more power ;) That may be why the 500s are more punchier 
THat may be true in a way but no one uses these for monitoring, because you cant hear all that you need to monitor
Any one try Enigma-Celtic dream   or Just enigma for that matter. 
i just don't get it. 
^^ a trole in disguise a good one. That has is up to fight for his cans hahah.
^^^ .... i will sum it up for you. Theyre design basic. quality is pretty minimal. Basic would mean you could hear the whole spectrum of frequencies to a extent but with these i can't so they are Below basic.  they put the studio monitor tag to make you buy themm.         I get you. These are the bottom of the line of what YOU call studio monitors sure i can call anything studio monitors but these are the bottom of the line of any studio monitor. 
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