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sub sonic is sound that travels Slower than the speed of sound.  700mph-750 is generally the speed of sound
hmm You can hear subsonic frequencies. Just not the sub sub sonic. 15-1hz
^^^ thats true But How do you know the L2 is actually reproducing that 2hzs? at 10 watts? sure you wont hear the bass but you can feel it. You can feel your ear drum flexing. which is bad but you can. also we are still talking 100$ headphones here! Humans have a Range of Subsonic hearing about 40-25-20 Hz. For some reason my father comes up into my room and screams. What is that Deep rumbling!? When i play a 15 hz swine out of my subwoofers, he being 2 flights down. So...
please Excuse my Photo Quality. I need to get a Card reader for my camera. and this of a cellphone. 
I OWn the Vmodas and did a mod to try to increase Treble but it actually created more basss DAMn these Things when you play Young Jeezy-White girl and PUt 15+db of 40Hz-10hz Theses things hydroplane on your skull with the vibrations. YOu can put then on your desk and see the cups move!!.. But then u cant hear anything else the Sonys you can hear other stuff. and regarding the cymbals with bass.. Personally I kinda like that so i can FEEL it .. So that i can believe its...
Well regardless we will find out sure enough if these phones will win or not! BUt The 700s have a really fun sound.. Not every soo For Acoustic/acoustically recorded.  But for techno,drum N bass, anything using a computer to make the music is a win. These might be even better!? Who knows but that 70mm Driver is quit an interesting phenomenon.
3 12s here ;)  Ported 33hz   I thinking 2 18's Soon :) heheh hence my love for the xb1000's 70mm drivers 
Thats true.. it does get louder.. because The system can Breath.  personally the subs Will reach Deeper with the window/Sunroof open because the car acts like an enclosure but the open sunroof=Port. NOW back to topic.  With the Open sunroof system can breath BUt with it closed ALL that EXTRa air being vibrated instead of flowing out Goes into ever orphus in the car and makes fatigues it, With pressure.   I apologies for the spelling. 
^^ yes Some peopple pump 10k Watts Into their subs and DAmn you know it! they can move air like a jet and Knock Other cars off their axels! But they usually have the windows Down So the Pressure created by the subs DO not Completely go into their ears but outside. and well Their whole body jiggles too haha!.  But yes Treble Makes your ears Muffled and Ring But bass is like a silent killer. Cause it hurts your ears without you Generally knowing it. Treble will immediately...
Yes i Agreee.I only Like loud bass when I wanna listen to it fora bout 1-3 mins. I just Like To Hear the Subsonic frequencies..  45hz-10hz is So juicy when you can hear it.
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