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    Glad i got a pair of hd580s! oh crap i think im about 3 years late on that. 
They are extremely Bass heavyyy.. They are Dull too. they arent TERRIBLE but not Really you know worth 160 More like 50 
Your ears would bleed  and you would be destroyed  if you plugged these into a CROWN.
I am the trance god with over 5.000 Tracks of trance. The best genre of music. I have found the Sony xb700s to do nicely with trance. But trance sounds Godly with a headphone that has some great mids. and a punch to it. I recently got the SennHD580 They Perform beautifully with trance. Bass isnt Boomy But Yummy. and the rest Awww!. Also The Beyerdynamic dt990.  IF you chooose the M50s do nicely as well. i own all these phones so i know what they sound like.
The Sennheiser hd 580s are out of this world!. I do love my beyers and Akg 701s! but i think im coming to a consensus that my Amp is no Good. Cause the 701s sound Dull and boring. 
hey guys I need a  Good tube amp that is cheap ish for my akg 701 beyerdynamic dt 990 and sennheiser hd580. Preferably a little dot But any suggestions would be slendid. I am looking for a warm soothing sound. I dont know much about amps. 
These sonys are called dome vibrators. 
 Good for the guy saying they are rubbish, I tell my friends they are only good for if you want Only bass No music. and a nice look. 
^ those sonys are beautiful 
I just purchased these, my first pair of senns. i own some beyers and AKGs. Even those these where discontinued a while ago, i found a store that had one pair still in stock. Bought them for 130$ Brand new.      These pair of headphones are exceptionally great! To my ears they have a more yummy mid range then the beyers dt990s and akg 701s. The vocals are more pronounced, i dont notice the veiled treble. Im still burning these in, enjoying every second of it. I...
New Posts  All Forums: