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If you happen to own these headphones there is a mod I did that toned ddown the miid bass and brought up the treble and mid range. Open up the cups take off the dampning on the drivers and then remoce the black felt on the ports and then get 3 tissues (yes kleenex) and fold em up and piut them in the cup not covering the screw holes and screw the driver back in and voila! Personally I enjoy this mod a ton. Personally I like these headphones now better then my sony xb700
bahahah I get it hhaha! yeah lol
For sale or Trade a Nice pair of AKG 701s With serial Number #2272. These have been in a non-smoker non-pet Home.  mostly inside. Due to the age of the head phones they have been used quite a a lot. i am the second owner.  There are signs of use But Thats just because of use Not Damage ect.    Pm me with a Offer. Money or trade or what not! Thank youu! i will be posting some more pics. these phones are located in Souther California.  Also i will take offers for...
All the dam* Freshman Bringing the beats into my high school. I mob up with my senn hd580 or my Akg 701 or My beyer dt 990 and i say Yeah if you want bass goo beats but if you want music Go my way. And everyone looks at my like Im dope. Oh and the sony xb 700s get eyes turning. 
yes unfortunatley i love the look of the 701s but they do seem very Dry sounding. Not juicy 
    i saw the Dt 48 and Dt100 in the Move "Pirate Radio"
    yes i know they are bose. But my grandpa picked up a pair of these like 25+ years ago. Ive had them for about 2 years they still amaze me they seem a little dark But not too much Really Detailed. BIG sound Great TIGHT deep bass. The mids are yummy too. anyone have experience with these before?      IM also Talking about the FIRST version The second version looks Like attempt to make a great speaker better, But failed..      I will post pics in a...
    Glad i got a pair of hd580s! oh crap i think im about 3 years late on that. 
They are extremely Bass heavyyy.. They are Dull too. they arent TERRIBLE but not Really you know worth 160 More like 50 
Your ears would bleed  and you would be destroyed  if you plugged these into a CROWN.
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