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ooo Nothing better than 3 12 inch subs :)
Through my iphone they sound Kinda.. too mid rangy.. not enough Liquid.. But my senn HD580 Is great!
A DAC. bro i have a mixer for Djing gigs and it has a Ipod Digital In and Obviously it has to have a DAC and wooo Does it make these headphones sound wayy dope!
Its a close battle between my akg 701 Senn HD 580 and beyer Dt 990s
 The jecklin floats are uglier. and i mob my Open headphones portably all the time... But  Closed headphones with a Big sound stage give me more of a Immersed Kinda Hidden Deep within the Music kinda feel. The Open headphones give me a Nice sound stage but, i understand what this dude it talking about.  Closed with wide sound stage feels like your lost in the music and isolated from everyone.
^who may that be in your avatar? 
and yes if necessary i will take pics but vmoda doesnt make it convenient to take apart the cups 
 You have to pull off the cushions with a small flat head. and then you have to unscrew  the cup thers are like  7 screws Then once you unscrew em you kinda have to pull the cup apart with a little force.
That's dope!!
I saw a. Dude mobbin some akg 240s I think the gold ones. On a bike
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