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oH and Best buy only sells thr 40mm driver one so maybe thats why it wasnt as good as you thought
oh i just feel tjhe need to say this.. I HATE SKULL CANDYS
Hmm Are the sonys that good? better than the ****ty Dre's i got?
Thanx for some help any more inputS?
But these headphones are What you can say better than 300 dollar piece of plastic beats?
i also listen to some rock, sound tracks with deep orchestra bass oh budget lets just say.. 150 is max for now
Umm i love techno trance, hardstyle Some R&B with the bass sweeps.. Preferably Closed For bus and in Airplane. and portable with Mp3 + portable amp
So i found out that my dads broken General Electric noise canceling headphones are almost as good as my Beats by dre phones.. i was kinda discusted alil. SO here is where i start i want to find some Oldish/ Retro headphones that Deliever Full spectrum of Sound for Both portable and home usage. more preferably portable. I am a basss head but also, too much bass gives me a headache im into the deep 35-25 hz bass sweeps. in music and deep beat. so the beats did that...
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