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.....best to worst ones i own -_- Sony Mdr xb700 Beats by Dre studios Realistic nova 70s realistic nova 40s ........ ......... .... ......... ......... .. # 99999: Apple ear buds
Try the sony mdrxb700's very nice cans. You can hear alot more information from a  track. than the beats.. and they are hudge. ( kudos for me :D)
I say Xb700 sonys. if u have the 140$. They are GOod and ready to go.. They PUnch hard if u get amp Too.. But without the amp they still punch hard.. ANd they get deep without any distortion..
i Found the mic That goes with it.. It splits.. Early Stereo
yep they are in Stereo. Too !! They are EXTREMELY light weight. Not bad :P What is the Origin of the company?
I found these Uher w675 headsets laying around in the house, i googled them, no images or info. SO i was curious any one know anything about these sets? i listened to them, i have a feeeling they are vintage beacause they are good but not The best
The Sonys are great.. I have the beats by dre and the sonys.. and i can say the sound stage is alot better and More ear room. Comfy. They are also Clearer than the beats.. and they feel more like lil speakers than Phones. which is what you want from headphones.. more realistic acoustic coupling. but anyhow the Sonys have Good bass Not muddy at all, but if u want extreme bass ull need a amp with a ipod.
The sonys are Quite good too.. They have a more dynamic bass and Stage then most.. Quite comfy.. the mdr xb700 thingys
i just bought the Sony Couch cans.. the mdr xb700s Pretty Dope... now for the question Do they need break in time???
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