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So many many many many many ibuds
Hi all. ive read tons on this forum, made 1 purchase because of it :D. ( i can only say more to come) Any how So i have the Sony' mDr xb700s Cool headphones nice bass, But directly into a ipod or sansa, not super good.   Any how WHen i plug them into my mixer and crank the bass up. it suits my needs. To be Brief, im looking for possibly a new set of cans/possibly a bass heavy portable amp.     i was considering the Beyerr DT 150s, I love rugged, old lookin...
Roger that! any one selling 150s ??/ used or????:D
would u say these are better then Sony Mdr xb 700s?
SOny MDr Xb700's check them.. Good bass COmfy... Kinda big, lookin dope. good all range. easily driven. 
Sonys Are damn good. For this Genre. Very Deep and Clear, no distortion here!! i have them (personaly they work the best when im outside..  better than if i was inside..  Not The best for Noisy surroundings but still work great.
You guys gotta get some 6L6 amps for ur headphones :D
.....best to worst ones i own -_- Sony Mdr xb700 Beats by Dre studios Realistic nova 70s realistic nova 40s ........ ......... .... ......... ......... .. # 99999: Apple ear buds
Try the sony mdrxb700's very nice cans. You can hear alot more information from a  track. than the beats.. and they are hudge. ( kudos for me :D)
I say Xb700 sonys. if u have the 140$. They are GOod and ready to go.. They PUnch hard if u get amp Too.. But without the amp they still punch hard.. ANd they get deep without any distortion..
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