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okay cause i have the beats.. and i want something Less, Clickish, and more stylish and somewhat better, i love big headphones i wear my old Realistic 101mm Driver headphones in public 24/7
But Envy, in your opinion These sonys are better than the beats?
oH and Best buy only sells thr 40mm driver one so maybe thats why it wasnt as good as you thought
oh i just feel tjhe need to say this.. I HATE SKULL CANDYS
Hmm Are the sonys that good? better than the ****ty Dre's i got?
Thanx for some help any more inputS?
But these headphones are What you can say better than 300 dollar piece of plastic beats?
i also listen to some rock, sound tracks with deep orchestra bass oh budget lets just say.. 150 is max for now
Umm i love techno trance, hardstyle Some R&B with the bass sweeps.. Preferably Closed For bus and in Airplane. and portable with Mp3 + portable amp
So i found out that my dads broken General Electric noise canceling headphones are almost as good as my Beats by dre phones.. i was kinda discusted alil. SO here is where i start i want to find some Oldish/ Retro headphones that Deliever Full spectrum of Sound for Both portable and home usage. more preferably portable. I am a basss head but also, too much bass gives me a headache im into the deep 35-25 hz bass sweeps. in music and deep beat. so the beats did that...
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