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I own the beyer Dt 990 250 Sen HD580 And akg 701 To me they all generally sound the same.  other than the 701s have lean bass. 990s lil reaccessed mids. and the 580s mid range. all out of the same source they some what sound the same. except the 580s have a godly Midrange for Only trance. But when i put my cheap lil dac in the mix. wooo. You do notice a difference! Not a crazy one but enough to were you can explore your music more effectively.  I stuck between both the...
Senn HD 580s have a extremely Juicy midrange for trance. Bass isnt Flabby nor extremely prominent but with a nice Trance Beat they do Very nice. 
Do these phones sound great for rock n Roll!?
People see my akg 701s or Senns or Beyers and they are like. man those are sweet!. Im like furesure! they ask are they better than the beats? iim like hell yes!! But It depends on what YOU define better as. to them. more bass= better I tell them. No. They are wrong. they are like. Ok. ahhah i stump them. 
In headphones there is no real such this as surround sound for, You have 2 ears. and stereo is 2 channels. thats all the surround sound you can physically have! now if you add a 3rd channel MAYbe for a Low frequency For center. But thats about it. Surround sound speakers. are just in theory 2 channels but spread out around you.  REALLY good speakers spread apart really far can give u the effect as 5.1 surround sound.
Isolation. hmm Not soo good. hahah On the bus everyone can hear my music. But I dont care until someone tells me to turn it down. And outside.. on a busy street i can hear stuff But when im walkin around and its not too loud they are great!
I wear my AKg701 beyer dt990 and sennhieser hd580's and grados out side all the time!!..  Gotta show those beats lovers whats up!. and Its part of my style. Retro Feel. 
The Grados Get hella Loud! when blasted! and Who cares! IF you love your music you won't care if anyone can hear it!. All that matters is that you can and you can enjoy it!. Yes they Let sound it but at a point when you turn them up you wont hear anything but them. PS they are Great liL speakers when you put them around your neck, they are like a lil boom box!
Personally i would experiment with drivers and see if you can get a interim solution. Just don't ruin the wood. 
Time to steal them!
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