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Girls, My.. You have to be careful, about these animals, They have special powers.     
yeah shes really, Downright attractive girl. you would stop to look at her if you saw her.     
hahahah That girl in that picture, i know her. She went to my highschool. where did you find this picture?
hello, interested in finding a good deal on a Pro900 by ultrasone. PM your price, or, if a beyerdynamic dt990, akg 240 studio interests you at all we can make a combined money+ phone deal. Please PM me with any details or interests. Johnny
Do the 900s sound ok or nice while listening to some Rock n Roll?
Do the pro 900s sound good with rocknroll?
The 580s are dope. They really are enjoyable. 
The beats have a Amp in them so they can "tweak" the sound. So that may be where they get they bass and excess crap But yes very very similar. But the Shures are lighter. and have a more plasticy feeling. unfortunately. i think monster took the design thow.   
Which version of these headphones would sound good for Rock N Roll and Trance? I love juicy mids. 
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