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oh SCHIIT im in LA too. lets do this :) text me? 562-619-7141
interested in cans for trade or only $$$ and where are you locateD?
I have some quite purdy ultrasone pro 900s. Only issue is the head band foam has disappeared ... which was the way it was when i bought it. the plush is there just nothing in it. weird i know, but they do not alter comfortability. Send me offers!!!  562-619-7141   will post pix asap    
I recently purchased the ultrasone pro 900 and was slightly impressed... Then after the new phone awe faded, i put on my he-500 and Jesus. These are by far a more interesting, fluid, detailed, textured, depth, dynamic headphone. So please does anyone have an idea on a possible closed headphone that has this experience? or even another open!    The 500s just make you feel the music, they make you feel the passion of being an audiophile.      thank you :D
      Pro 900 ultrasone
Some Dt 990s Please let me know your offers im not sure what they are worth these days! thank  you :) Text is preferred 562 619 7141 will send pics    150$        
what in particular do you mean by these h580?
im in stupid sun valley, i can prob make it! weekend is always better.
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