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It didn't come with box. But they are pretty worn out. I think ima send them in for refurb
It sounds good ! Very delightful how is it vintage ? The cable is all worn out and stuff too :/ and the yoke
literally pulled out more DNA then i've had the pleasure of mixing with mine ;     ) but not winky... EWWWWW literally a pound of hair.
    Just picked up #5452 Rs2   horrible Grattle... Pulled the white mesh off Omg ewww Pix below
Very good condition Pro 900s, with everything!!! Socal.....     PM or TXT for pictures !   562-619-7141
Sunfire pro true subwoofer eq 10 for sale in SOCAL   text or call 562-619-7141
Here are some nice pro 900s. take a look!. In some nice condition! comes with everything news ones do.  Still with box.
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