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i first wore dt770s soph year then junior i had some akg 701s i wore around and then some dt 990s, then some hd 580s i wore. Also picked up the xb700. i saved a few kids from  buying beats. ahahah the akgs 701s got the most attention. hahah was quite interesting.  then senior year i got a car :( so i dont use headphones to much at school any more 
i wear my hifimans everywhere. and if i need to i can whack some fool trying to steal them!
well one is a dt990 and one is a dt 770 80hm it appears
looking for a pro 900 in USA please pm me your price
anyone ever listened to them? excuse me but g0D Da%$ pretty dynamic shi*.  Anyway, anyone know of a perfect headphone that would work nicely with this jam???    
ANY thing by    Angels of venice       anything
Girls, My.. You have to be careful, about these animals, They have special powers.     
yeah shes really, Downright attractive girl. you would stop to look at her if you saw her.     
hahahah That girl in that picture, i know her. She went to my highschool. where did you find this picture?
hello, interested in finding a good deal on a Pro900 by ultrasone. PM your price, or, if a beyerdynamic dt990, akg 240 studio interests you at all we can make a combined money+ phone deal. Please PM me with any details or interests. Johnny
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