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  Yes, if you have other phones and use them along with your 13's then a JH-3A should be something you'll want to get more down the road if it will make you neglect your other phones.  
JH-3A + JH 13/ 16 Pro should best them all because the bottleneck of these high end custom IEM's has been fixed. That bottleneck is the passive crossover. Though don't get me wrong all of those combo's listed up there will provide awesome sound.
Well good news! I just had my order modified from just a pair of JH16 Pro's to a JH16 Pro and JH-3A combo! So for those who just bought either the JH13 or 16 Pro and are wondering if they can have their order modified, you can.
  LOL, really? I liked the them for their smooth sound but the rolled treble off was really hurting the energy of the music. Then I got the Westone 3's which was much better.
The earbuds they gave to me on my flight to The Bahamas. I wanted to test them for sh*ts and giggles. I hit play on my HiFiMAN and after 3 seconds the earbuds were on the floor. I don't know what was coming out of those things but it wasn't music.
It may cause discomfort to the users ears I believe.
Oooooh it was on a different thread, lol. Thanks.
Did I just see Boomana's impressions or am I going crazy?
  In the Can Jam it was fed via analog out from a iPad and people so far are loving it.  
Why would you want to use a different headphone than a JH13/16 Pro and JH-3A combo? Downgrade anyone?   I understand you though.  
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