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When did you order?
Good question. They haven't charged my card yet even though I ordered it this morning.
Leave, now, do it!  
You'll have to send it to either Unique Melody or In Earz.
Seriously, you are very, very intelligent when it comes to the world of audio.
Guys, can you please post you JH-3A impressions in this thread, thank you!
More impressions have been added. Please post your JH-3A CanJam impressions in thread, thank you very much.
A 4 pin connector will be wider therefore causing a uncomfortable pressure point on the users ears.
  Please, cut them some slack. They're probably flooded with emails right now. The only way I was able to reach Jaime was through her Facebook. I'm sure in the end everything will work out for you, just be patient man. Good Luck.
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